Friday, February 8, 2013

This week I got called a bigot for daring to use the word obese, and called a troll because I dared to be a strong willed woman with a strong willed opinion.

Last year I made comment about Chrissie Swan and how she had fattened up her child to the point he was obese for the age of three. And she's obese.

Apparently though, from ANOTHER brouhaha over Chrissie that erupted this week when she admitted to smoking while pregnant with her third child, using the word obese makes you a bigot.

Obese is a medical term millions of people use. Doctors, nurses, health professionals. If anyone else dares to use the word we are told we hate fat people and are bigots, all because we dared to use the word obese.

I was also called a troll, simply because I didn't suck up Chrissie's backside and tell her everything was okay.

I've also been "outed" as a troll, even though I was never hiding and have been under the same name across every website and webpage for the last four plus years.

I was criticised for my writing skills, even though everyone else made spelling mistakes and had really bad comments, it was mine that stood out. I've copied and pasted everything exactly the way it was written and have made no changes. 

I also had assumptions made about my age because apparently I write like the accuser's daughters.

I know this is long but it's fucken hilarious.

I've gone back and found my original comment on the New Idea post on Facebook - Are you people fucking nuts? Not only is she obese but has two fat kids, is having another and has now taken up smoking. Besides the fact smoking is bad for your own health that poor baby inside of her is off to a bad start with her smoking. She's a moron left right and centre no matter how you want to spin this story, and to all the people who support her you need your fucking heads read.

I then made this comment in relation to someone's post - Raels, losing what weight? She barely lost anything and then got pregnant again, and THEN took up smoking AGAIN. She's a moron plain and simple! Women have had their fat kids taken off them and they are not celebrities, so Chrissie should pull her fat head out and stop being so stupid. What else does she have to admit to for fuck's sake. She needs to shut up and fuck off!

I also made this comment - How many more times is Chrissie going to "tearfully" admit to her mistakes? Last year it was her OBESE kids and now it's smoking. She needs to get fucking real, pull her head out, grow a brain, then build a bridge and get the fuck over herself. WE DON'T CARE!

And then Janelle Denney said this - Lady Jewels Diva - you are a bigot......PLAIN and SIMPLE......i think you need to take your own advice and Shut Up and F**K OFF

So apparently using the word obese makes you a bigot. Or was it the word fat? Or was it that I wasn't going to put up with her tearful admissions all over again.

Chrissie Swan has the ability to come off as nothing but an idiot. Hell, even my mother thinks she's an idiot. Instead of sorting her own life out she keeps screwing it up.

Kerrie-Anne told me this - Lady Jewels Diva?? Perhaps you should drop the "lady" You are entitled to your opinion but your toxic words are cruel and unnecessary. Try expressing yourself intelligently next time you type. Good luck Chrissie, I hope you kick the habit this time for good.

All this told me was that people cannot stand a difference of opinion.

I replied to Janelle - Janelle, how am I a bigot? I'm stating the truth plain and simple. She is obese, she has obese kids, she's smoking while pregnant AND she keeps "tearfully" admitting all of her problems. How does recalling the truth make me a bigot.

Janelle replied - I feel pity for any future kids you do bring up with that attitude Lady Jewels Diva

I replied to Kerrie-Anne - Kerrie-Anne, the Lady is a royal title firstly and secondly I'm doing nothing but stating the truth. I'm not going to pander to her and her stupid behaviour by patting her on the back and saying "there, there, it's alright" because it's not alright. People need to stop excusing her behaviour, and stop excusing your own bad behaviour in the meantime.

And then Cheryl Holdcroft jumped in with calling me a troll - Aw unlike Chrissie, "Lady Jewels Diva" you are a massive judgemental bitch, I hope your self-righteous smugness keeps you warm at night. TROLL.

So I HAD to jump in - Cheryl how you get things so wrong. I'm not being judgemental just merely stating the truth, and apparently not the only one doing it here either so you'd better read everyone else's posts. Clearly I'm not the only one sick of Chrissie and her "tearful" admissions. And there is a difference between stating the truth and being a troll.

My second reply - Oh and Cheryl, I am warm at night, in fact, I'm hot! like a sunrise! (this comment is in reference to an insurance ad from AAMI, where the character Rhonda is told by Balinese waiter Ketut that she's "hot, like a sunrise. Youtube it, it's hilarious)

Cheryl - I've looked at your 'blog' Jewels Diva, you're nothing but a viper, spewing poison all over the internet. You're definitely a TROLL.

Janelle Denney - you are a bigot because of your very obvious dislike for fat people Lady Jewels or whatever your real name is

Lady Jewels Diva - Cheryl I have no idea what you looked at but the first page of my blog has nothing of which you speak. I'm not a viper and I don't spew, I have an opinion which you clearly cannot deal with. You've clearly never come across someone so opinionated before and have no idea what to do. You poor thing! I'm sizzling!!!!

Lady Jewels Diva - Janelle, I don't have anything against fat people if they actually have a medical reason for being fat. If it's through lifestyle choices, like eating and not exercising then I don't care for their whinging when they can clearly do something about it. And that's all Chrissie seems to do. Whinge and whine about being overweight. She should have pulled her head out when she was told her kid was obese last year, but obviously that didn't matter to her health wise either. So no, I am not a bigot and don't hate fat peoplel. I just hate their excuses, their whining and their laziness. (yes, my only spelling mistake. That's what happens when you rush)

Cheryl Holdcroft - In your opinion you're sizzling. Chrissie got in before the media did. Smart move. She never said that smoking was okay, she was only admitting to her addiction. I have been told by a G.P. that five or less cigarettes a day is insignificant, whilst pregnant. He also stated that if you can't stop then at least cut down, which Chrissie has done. When all is said and done its her business, no-one elses.

Cheryl Holdcroft - You sound incredibly immature Jewels Diva, this is my last response to you.

Lady Jewels Diva - Actually Cheryl, she only admitted it because she was photographed in her car smoking and knew it would come out! She only wanted to admit it before we all saw it.

Cheryl Holdcroft - Why should she have to admit it to anyone? It is nobody elses business. The media forced the issue so she got in first, good for her.

I'm going to believer this comment is about me - Vikki Wilson - This dive thing omg I to looked at her spew and spew it is 2 comments on one and both negative , no one response to her questions you are no lady that's for sure....

Lady Jewels Diva - On top of that, she had been smoking for over a year and told no one, not even her partner who is also obese. What does that say about her? That had she not been photographed she would have never told anyone! Doesn't make her a mentor, role model or even a person with a brain in her head. She should have learnt after the backlash over her obese kid. Clearly she didn't!

Stacey Louise Warne Well - Cheryl and Lady Jewels Diva whoever you are, if you don't like Chrissy Swan whinging n whining as you put it then don't listen . What you're doing is bullying and people like you are not needed. Yes she smoked whilst pregnant , yes she may be a big person but she is a beautiful person and doesn't need your outburst. Yes it's a free world and there's freedom of speech , but as I was told if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all.

Lady Jewels Diva - Oh, and bye Cheryl, clearly you can't deal with an opinionated person who doesn't agree with you!

Cheryl Holdcroft-  If it soothes your ego, keep telling yourself that Jewels Diva

Lady Jewels Diva - Stacey I don't listen to Chrissy and have never watched anything she's been on. I am merely stating my opinion on the story NEW IDEA posted! And Stacey, you don't have any right telling me not to post merely because you don't like my opinion. That's your problem, not mine.

Ann Herridge - Lady Jewels Diva, which is a name you're happy to hide behind along with your computer, you must be the perfect mother to be able to judge people so harshly. Well done you! Do you seriously think its ok to publicly judge someone?! Walk a mile in someone's shoes before you open your mouth or should I say attack a keyboard with such hateful comments.

Jette Jorgensen - Oh for goodness sake Lady Jewels Diva, get off your high horse and perhaps pick on some one else who cares. It is almost like Chrissie has committed a terrible crime and it is after all her own business. Leave her alone so she can get on with what she is supposed to do. You go Chrissie!!!!

Katarina Milosevic Dakic - LJD? Social commentator! To who? The eight people who like your page?! Lol.

Kel Kellie - spot on there Katarina; fortunately the big 8 likes is a good social comment in itself - there are only 8 people who actually value and want to hear her social commentary.

Lady Jewels Diva - Aw, Katarina and Kel, thanks for looking, but it's only my official author page, I have hundreds on my profile, thanks for caring though! And to those who think it's only me who thinks this way, try reading ALL of the posts! I am not the only one.

Karyn Lee Brady - I think you are one big troubled problem Lady Jewels and I agree with Cheryl your nothing but a troll and troublemaker

Lady Jewels Diva - Ann, I'm not hiding behind my computer but if you think I am then we all are since that is how most of us are commenting. We are all having our opinions on this post and opinions and judgements are so close in definition they are one and the same. And in that case you're judging me as well and I couldn't give a shit. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs, my kids will be fine!

Lady Jewels Diva - Jette, while smoking may still be legal, smoking in your car while there are kids in there is not. I only hope her kids weren't there when she was caught smoking otherwise she'll deserve that fine! And as for "picking on someone who cares". I'm not picking on anyone here, I'm having an opinion about Chrissie and clearly so many cannot deal with that, it's astounding!

Cheryl Holdcroft -@Jewels Ugh, she states that she was in the car ALONE. Learn to read thoroughly and properly.

Lady Jewels Diva - Karyn, how am I causing trouble? That's hilarious that my opinion has "caused trouble" bahahahaha what a joke! And there is a BIG difference between someone stating the truth and a troll! Learn that now!

Lady Jewels Diva - Good to know Kell, just a pity for you that so many think the same way as me. Have you read their comments yet or are you just fixated on mine? (which so many seemed to be)

Kerrie-Anne Duckworth - Everyone should check out The Community Brave Foundation website (sorry I'm not clever enough to post a link) there are opinions and then there is bullying and abuse. I'm sorry Lady J but your words fall into the latter. An apology might be a nice idea. I'm assuming you are very young, not just because of your judgement but also your writing skills. Try and dig deep and have some empathy for another human being whose shoes you have never walked in.

Sandy Mcdougall - Kerrie Anne I think it's a child not nasty about that but I think there trying to be older than there age we all should forgive and I feel in trapp just don't comment (I think she's referring to the fact that she posted a comment with the word retarded in it and I later pulled her up on it. It was quickly deleted)

Cheryl Holdcroft - From her Amazon Bio: "Lady Jewels knows deep down inside she'll be a famous celebrity, TV host, radio presenter, director, producer, screenwriter, actress and private investigator one day, oh ... and President of Australia!!! She's a fiery red blooded woman (Taurus/Gemini, twice the woman, twice the bull!), man lover (ahem, Michael Weatherly), good food eater (chocolate, cheeseburgers and cheesecakes), fighter till the death (yours not mine), and a very argumentative arguer, (you wanna disagree with that?)." Trolllolololololtrollolololol.

Lady Jewels Diva - Kerrie-Anne, assuming I'm young, good one! I'm entitled to my opinion and stand by it. NEW IDEA asked for my opinion and I have no one to apologise to since I owe NO APOLOGIE! And now you're insulting my writing skills! Good one Kerrie-Anne, good on you for taking it to another level.

Lady Jewels Diva - Sandy, round of applause to you for bringing the word retarded into the post. Apparently it's only me people like to pick on because I had the balls, the backbone, and the guts to say it how it is plain and simple. Never mind the fact so many people are saying the same thing, oh no, picking on someone who's got the balls to be opinionated, well done to you all!

Lady Jewels Diva - Cheryl, thanks for stalking me! Luv ya babe, you're just checking me out everywhere, thanks so much!

Kerrie-Anne Duckworth - Lady J, perhaps you should read your original post. It was very mean and personal. You also lost your focus on several occasions to

Lady Jewels Diva - And the fact that people think I'm so young because my opinion is unimaginable to them, that an actual adult could think, feel and have the balls to say something they cannot fathom the guts to say is astounding! And so hilarious! (so true!)

Kerrie-Anne Duckworth - Oops To try and justify your comments. You should never have brought her kids weight into the debate. I don't hate you, I don't hate anyone. I just get very upset when I see people attacking others so personally and cruelly. You can make your point without being mean. Good luck to you.

Lady Jewels Diva - Kerrie-Anne, didn't lose my focus, either added to my opinion or replied to other people. And I'm not the one who bought up my writing skills. Apparently you have some issue with them, and also mentioned my age which you have no idea about. Thanks for thinking I'm so young, just a pity my driver's licence doesn't say the same thing! And you know what they say about assuming, which YOU did about my age, it makes an ass out of the person doing the assuming!

Cheryl Holdcroft - Oh Jewels darl don't flatter yourself, its hardly stalking when its all out there for public display

Lady Jewels Diva - Kerrie-Anne, after she was told last year that her child was obese she should have taken that as a wake up call for her own health, but she didn't, she smoked while pregnant and that shows she has no idea about taking responsibility for her or her children's health. It's all true and clearly you can't handle the truth!

Lady Jewels Diva - Cheryl, my newest fan, you're the one checking me out everywhere, some would consider that stalking, I consider it endearing! thanks babe!

Kerrie-Anne Duckworth - I assumed you are young because I remember being very opinionated in my youth. This was before love, loss, death, betrayal, addiction etc etc touched my life and made me realize that I had a lot to learn. I apologize if you took offense to mu comment about your writing skills. I have 4 daughters and the tone and structure of your posts reminded me of their style of writing. I'm outta here. Be kind to one another because it's free and it comes back to you on spades. Byeeee  (puh-leeze! Bringing her shit into it and making assumptions again)

Cheryl Holdcroft - No, I haven't checked you out "everywhere", I don't have the stomach for it. Certainly not a fan sweetie.

Lady Jewels Diva - Kerrie-Anne, didn't take offence, just wondered why you accused me of losing my focus when you're the one who made the assumption about my age and bought up my writing skills.

Lady Jewels Diva - Love you anyway Cheryl!

Sharon Symons - Jewel.. I am disgusted with all your stats.. You say you are not a biggot but you keep bringing up that Chrissie is obese (morbitly obese) and her children are obese. When you keep saying it then you are.. You are digusted with anyone who is overweight or does anything you don't. My mother smoked through her 12 pregnancies and we are all fine with the youngest being 47 and there was no mention about the dangers of smoking back then. What Chrissie or anyone else, whether a celeb or not has nothing to do with any of us. The media loves digging up dirt on anyone, how else are they going to make money. I don't see the tables turning and I think maybe someone should photograph the paparazzi in their everyday life. We alll need privacy and so do celebs. After all, they are HUMAN as well.. You say you are an author, well remind me to NEVER buy or read anything you write. Chrissie, yes it is hard to give up but you are doing well and you will get there when you are ready.. Good luck. Oh Jewel ... THIS IS 'MY' OPINION...

Lady Jewels Diva - Sharon, you obviously didn't read a previous post where I stated I have no problem with people who are overweight due to actual medical issues. Chrissie has no medical reason for being overweight. And stating very clear facts is not being a bigot. Her child being obese should have been a wake up call to her about her own health! Not even an unborn baby could do that. She is an idiot! And Sharon, you're entitled to your opinion yet have a go at mine, well done!

Cheryl Holdcroft - "Chrissie has no medical reason for being overweight." How do you know she doesn't and what business is it of yours anyway?

Lady Jewels Diva - Cheryl, because she was hired by a weight loss company and blabbed her story to several magazines and spoke about it on tv! Not once did she ever say her weight issue was medical! Even all the way back on Big Brother. She's big, plain and simple! And now her kids are suffering for it and she admitted to being in denial about Leo's weight. She needs to get real.

Cheryl Holdcroft - Being asked to tell her story is hardly "blabbing" as you put it. Silly me, I didn't realise there was a law whereby you must state whether your weight gain is due to medical reasons, genetics or whatever. Were you one of the cruel trolls that made her life a misery, by publicly picking on her children by any chance Jewels?

Lady Jewels Diva - Cheryl, I didn't pick on her children, her children have done nothing wrong, Chrissie has, she is an adult who keeps doing stupid things and putting her children at risk. And she wasn't just "asked to tell her story" she would have been paid well. From every magazine and tv show she went on. Turns out she didn't lose that much anyway and then got pregnant so that was a big fat waste of money for the company!

Lady Jewels Diva - Wow, Cheryl, now you're jumping on Louise, you clearly don't like people who have the opposite opinion to you. Can't deal with it you poor darling!

Cheryl Holdcroft - All you have achieved today Jewels, is showing yourself to be a vile human being.

Lady Jewels Diva - And yet it is you Cheryl who keeps having a go at the people who have their opinion!

Cheryl Holdcroft - I'd hardly call the poison dripping from your fingertips an opinion.

Lady Jewels Diva - Aw, now my fingertips are dripping with poison! You're on a roll Cheryl! First stalker love and now poison love, I'm gonna use this in my next novel, I can just see it now....

Lady Jewels Diva - Cheryl, do you know the difference between an attack and stating very clear facts? That's what I did when it came to her weight and problems with her kids. It's all out there for the public to see and read because she put it out there. If you want attacks, I see Sandy's retarded comment was removed, try having a go at her.

Cheryl Holdcroft - You're a bore Jewels. Yes I know the difference, quite obviously you don't.

Lady Jewels Diva - You know Cheryl, for someone who told me "this is my last response to you" a while back, we've had quite a chat!

Cheryl Holdcroft - If you post inflammatory comments I guess you'll get a bite.

Lady Jewels Diva - Ah, inflammatory, *rolls eyes*, you mean comments you don't like! From people you don't know who are entitled to what they feel, think and say, regardless of whether you agree or not. Comments that aren't wrong just because you think they are and should be labelled as such.

Cheryl Holdcroft - No I meant inflammatory. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lady Jewels Diva - Sure, Cheryl, sure.....

And then this guy jumped in once and clearly didn't have the balls to jump in again, fucken hilarious! - Grant Rider - @ Cheryl, hi I just had a look at lady jewels blog page. she's a nasty piece of work. All she does is bitch, whinge and criticise people. Well done on outing her. Its very obvious what shes about. The thing that gets me about trolls and what they just dont seem to get is what they see as their 'opinion' is laced with vile, disrespect and narrowminded judgement and just a generalised nastiness and then they hide behind the anonymity of cyberspace . Anyway just wanted to say you handled that well. Well done.

Lady Jewels Diva - Grant, bahahahahaha outing me!!!!! Ever since the day my blog started that's all I've promoted. That's what I started it for, for bitching and having MY opinion on the world and the dumb arses in it! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA And apparently I'm anonymous BAHAHAHAHAHA! And apparently I'm a troll bahahahahaha! Don't troll sweetheart, just let it all out on my own part of the net! (my comment here says it all really and since he didn't reply to it he clearly realised I had proven him wrong.)

Cheryl Holdcroft - Thank you Grant "Its very obvious what shes about. The thing that gets me about trolls and what they just dont seem to get is what they see as their 'opinion' is laced with vile, disrespect and narrowminded judgement and just a generalised nastiness and then they hide behind the anonymity of cyberspace ."<<<<<< you've put it more eloquently than I ever could!

Lady Jewels Diva - By the way Grant. I have no need to troll when I have my own blog and have used the same name across all of my webpages. I state my opinion under my own name and stand by them whether people agree or not.

Lady Jewels Diva - Aw Karyn, having a go at me while having a go at me! Round of applause! Actually, I've done many videos which clearly show I'm not obese! And since I work from home of course I'm going to comment and you must have gotten up late because I only started replying when NEW IDEA posted the article. And that was about 4 hours ago, geez, late sleeper or on drugs! (Karen has since removed her comments)

This was my last reply - New Idea brought it to our attention and asked for an opinion, they're the ones keeping it going. Along with every other magazine and tv show.

Fucking hell! Even reading that back it's fucking hilarious. That people cannot stand strong willed strongly opinionated women with the balls, backbone or guts to state and obvious thing.


Here's some Urban Dictionary terms for troll -

1 - A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues. Such arguments can happen on blogs, Facebook, Myspace and a host of others.  The best thing you can do to fight an internet troll is to not answer..or report them.

Now this clearly isn't me because I didn't seek anything out. We were all asked for our opinions.

2 - An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.

Again, not me as I was not the one off topic and doing the accusing. I wasn't provoking anyone, merely having my opinion on the subject.

3 - A person who feeds off the anger of others as he enrages them over the internet.

This one I will admit to because I did feed off of others who lampooned me and I turned it into a joke. Still not a troll though!

The irony is, that the exact thing they were accusing ME of, was the exact thing THEY were doing.

And THEY didn't get it.


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  1. Holy shit.
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