Friday, February 22, 2013

Screaming children have been banned from an Australian shopping centre. About fucking time!

On Sydney's northern beaches there's a shopping centre called Dee Why Grand.

They've enforced a "no screaming children" policy.

Centre manager Brenda Mulcahy explains the crackdown, which was introduced just before Christmas, and was imposed following numerous complained from shoppers over children “running amok” and “screaming” in the food court.

An official warning sign was put up last week in the shopping centre, which claims to be family-friendly, calling for parents to be considerate of others and stating that: “Screaming children will not be tolerated in the centre.”

Apparently the sign has "outraged" parenting groups as it shows our intolerance for screaming children, it's wrong, and shows a lack of empathy for parents.

Why do you need empathy?

You need to control your fucking children and shut them up!

Just because you have them doesn't mean the rest of us want to hear them.

The old saying, "a child should be seen and not heard" should also be relevant now.

How many times do we need to sit in a food court and hear kids screaming their heads off and parents doing the whole stupid "Barry, stop crying please. I said please Barry. Mummy wants you to stop crying."

Fuck the parent and fuck Barry, we want fucking peace and quiet and if you can't control your fucking kid then don't fucking take it to a fucking shopping centre.

Fucking simple as that!

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