Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Kitchen Rules has been accused of racism. What a load of bullshit!

According to channel 9's, A Current Affair, channel 7's, My Kitchen Rules is a hotbed of racism.


Because the so called villains are not white!

Jessie and Biswa were absolutely belted with insults and criticism online for their bad behaviour. It has nothing to do with racism, they were nothing but immature, idiotic childish, morons. They carried on like they knew everything, hated everything, and constantly ridiculed and put down food just so they wouldn't be the first ones home.

In the end, they were. And it was their bad behaviour that was criticised.

The gatecrashers Ashlee and Sophia are new to the game and from the current add that's been playing, they too are nothing but dimwitted bitches who want nothing more than to put down ever meal and every team to win.

Now A Current Affair has gone on and said that it's all about racism and that MKR is setting up contestants of ethnic backgrounds to look bad.

Nope ACA, you've got that completely wrong. They DO look bad. They make THEMSELVES look bad with the way they talk, carry on, and criticise. They don't need any help being bitches.

From team 1 are Jake and sister Elle. HE was an absolute try-hard dickwank. Thought he knew everything about cooking and food and carried on like the little pork chop he is. His sister tried to act better but we all knew he was a moron.

And then there's mother and daughter Lisa and Candice. HELLOOOO BITCHES! They are white, and they are bitches, especially the daughter Candice. My fucking God I wanted to punch her in the head she was such a bitch, and they are former beauty queens. What a joke, clearly missed the deportment and manners stage of those days.

Apparently the minorities are the villians!

Apparently NOT A Current Affair.

Due to two white teams being arseholes you have proven nothing. 

Tv writer Colin Vickery "broke" the story about the two teams being portrayed as villains because of their ethnic background.

Please, get fucking real.

There's nothing racist about it. It's purely about their bad manners and behaviour and they way they strived to stay in the game and kick everyone else off. The big mouths ALWAYS go first.

I am so sick and fucking tired of people slapping the racism tag on everything. There's nothing racist about this at all, it's just a fucking beat up by one channel's show against another channel's show, as always, it's BULLSHIT! The networks need to stop this shit because we the public are fucking sick and tired of all this nitpicking garbage!


  1. I wouldn't worry too much, it's not like anyone takes A Current Affair seriously anyway.

  2. Kellie I'm not worried, just pissed off at the networks antics over each other's shows. It's boring and annoying!


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