Monday, February 25, 2013

Males from the Australian swim team acted like arseholes at the London Olympics. Tell us something we DIDN'T know!


So last year at the London Olympics the Aussie Swim team acted like a pack of spoilt brats who didn't know how to lose, or come second, graciously.

This year, it has been revealed that male members of the swim team were taking Stilnox (a sleeping pill) as an initiation and acting like spoilt brats, banging on doors and being arseholes.

This is not new. This is not surprising. This is what we all knew at the time. That the Aussie swim team were a pack of spoilt brats, they need to man up, grow up and pull their fucking heads out.

It's been our worst Olympics in decades.

An experienced swimmer said team spirit had been deteriorating since 2009 and attributed it to what they believed to be poor leadership from the Swimming Australia board and head coach Leigh Nugent.

It had created "general unrest" within the group and the team culture had been eroded as individual swimmers pursued their own interests, undermining the overall performance of the team.

Yeah, try social media and how they all wanted to be so popular! Apparently some of them were on Twitter or Facebook up to seconds before walking out to the pool.

Seriously, for this to get better they need a damn good spanking, told to pull their fucking heads out and threatened with never being on the team again.

We have the Commonwealth Games next year. Guess we'll all just have to wait and see who grows the fuck up.

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