Monday, February 4, 2013

And stores wonder why people shop online!

The other day I walked into my local Priceline store in search of some Swisse products that were on sale. I had seen them all on the Priceline website and stupidly assumed they would be in store too.

I searched at the Swisse section and couldn't find ANY of the three products I was after. I looked around the store and finally found TWO of the products that I was after but not the third.

And stores wonder why people shop online?

The Priceline website also has the lipgloss I'm after as well as all three Swisse products but I'm not going to pay shipping when there's a store around the corner from me.

The problem is, my Priceline is also a chemist and so there is less room for product, which non-chemist Priceline stores have. Which sucks.

My point being, bricks and mortar stores bitch, whinge and whine about people buying all their goods online and they wonder why. They don't have all the stock that's even on THEIR OWN website.

I prefer to buy my food and groceries in store and unusual accessories and books online. Yes, they are cheaper, yes there is a bigger range, yes we can import books that may not have been sold here in the first place, and yes, we can get older books from decades ago.

Stores really aren't getting it. They charge for shipping online and don't have free returns. They don't have goods in store and they're up in arms about losing money.

Needless to say, I got my Swisse products from another store.

It's time stores got with the program and got into 2013!

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