Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why Rihanna is NO LONGER a role model for girls, and probably never was!

How is this girl a role model to anyone? ANYWHERE?

She gets beaten up by this absolute fucking wanker Chris Brown, and leaves him, then sobs on Oprah's couch that she still loves him and he's her best friend (fuck he is you stupid bitch) and now over Christmas she got back together with him and has reportedly moved into his house and is now living with him.

How is it being a role model? To go back to your abuser after you had escaped and spent time apart. I know they say love is blind, but in her case, and it seems most women's cases, it's also deaf, numb and incredibly fucking stupid.

I will never raise my daughters to look up to someone like her as a role model.

I hope no other mother raise their daughters to look up to someone like her.

I hope someone gives her a damn good punch in the head because this is stupid.

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