Friday, January 18, 2013

If you're an author on Author's Den and have an issue with your videos, you need to know this.

Last year I joined Author's Den and uploaded all three of my books, added their details and loaded the YouTube embed links to show my videos.

However the links did not work as two videos kept showing the same video. I copied and pasted the videos several times but had the same problem.

I emailed Author's Den and told them about it, sent the links when they asked and supposedly they fixed it.

Turns out they didn't.

So a few weeks ago I went back to Author's Den and wondered if I could use the same embed codes from Dailymotion. I'm also at Vimeo and it's possible those links would work too.

As of today the videos are still working fine, so, if you are having a problem with your videos, try another video site where you load your videos and see if that fixes the problem as there are clearly issues with YouTube embed links.

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