Monday, January 28, 2013

How I was going to tell you how boring social media is and then I have no internet and then I panic because I can't get on social media!

Oh the irony!

I was going to jump online this morning and write a post about how social media is boring me and we all look for the next big thing. And then I found I had no internet. And then I started panicking because I couldn't get on line to publish my post about social media boring me and not being able to check my social media sites.

Jesus Christ! The irony!

I didn't get a computer until November 2004. Sure, I had been on my local library's pcs for a few years but never really explored the net. Not that you can in a one hour time frame.

I joined eBay in Jan 2005 and slowly started buying. And became addicted.

I started hearing about blogs around 2007/08 and decided to have a look at the two most named ones. Blogger and Wordpress. Wordpress did not impress me and so I joined Blogger in late 2008. This blog, long since turning into my website, started on January 1, 2009.

In 2009 I also joined MySpace (when it was still big), and Twitter as it was gaining momentum and was really going places. I also joined Facebook but was confused as to the way it worked and ended up deleting the mess of an account I had started. I re-joined three months later.

Since then there have been so many sites I've joined under the guise of getting myself known and my future books published. But I have found that most of these sites are fairly useless.

I have recently left Digg and Delicious for two reasons. They had dramatically changed their websites, and I was not getting any traffic from it.

I've also considered leaving Technorati and Stumbleupon, but apparently it's quite hard to delete a Technorati account.

I've had my blog linked to Tumblr so it's there as well. I'm on LinkedIn which I might leave as I have no time for it and have gained nothing from it.

I'm done with making videos except for if I ever feel like it, so there goes YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. My channels are still there for the videos that are done and any future book trailers but for the most part, my video days are gone.

I've joined YouSayToo and do get some traffic from there. Then there's Formspring, Scribd, Flicker, Get Glue, Fanpop, and Ustream, which I don't check into so may leave as what's the point if I never go there.

I've got Google+ which will stay along with profiles on About.Me and Flavors.Me.

I've got three boards on Pinterest and don't even bother with Instagram as I'm there more to follow not lead. Yeah, I know, boring!

I'm on 15 different book sites but am thinking of culling Wattpad. Most come from Amazon or through Smashwords.

As much as I love Jackie Collins I have never gotten into the forum I joined so may leave that. There's also bits and pieces I've joined for particular pieces of blog do dahs and I might leave Huddle, Box and Slideshare.

As I head towards 40 I am realising most of these sites I don't use or need or have gained nothing from it. Culling will be happening all year and hopefully most will be gone by my 40th next year.

We are always on the look for the next big thing in social media. Blogs are on the wane, Facebook has overtaken MySpace but has bored some people. Twitter is the only way to go and Instagram has invaded the world.

God knows what's next to join!

I've heard about Whosay…

So what sites are you guys bored with and will you be cutting back as the year goes on?

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