Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ever since the royal wedding the world's press have been claiming Prince William and Kate Middleton are pregnant!

Of course it only took what, 18 months for it to supposedly actually happen.

And no one knew until she was admitted to hospital, and even then they didn't need to announce to the world she was pregnant. Why couldn't they just say she had bad food poisoning? No one exactly knows how pregnant she is. It's gone from just on three months to two months, and in any case, for most women that is still too early to be revealing such a fact.

First pregnancies are very high risk for miscarriage, and since she is so dehydrated and needed to stay in the hospital, clearly she is not looking after herself. Being too thin, clearly not drinking and hydrating, and not eating either, she has essentially starved herself and the baby growing within her.

Hopefully now that they have blabbed this news to the world nothing bad happened.

Wouldn't it just absolutely suck if she lost it. How do they reveal that to the world? And the press will be all over that as well and not leaving them alone. 

But then the press hounded her mother in law to death so what else would be new.

Just leave them alone people, back off, and let her be pregnant in peace so nothing bad happens.

Jewles xxoo

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