Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Culling and cutting blogs and getting ready for the new year.

So after my post about culling my social media last week, story here, I have, like the end of every other year, decided to cull the blogs I follow. 

I have noticed that a lot of people I still follow are no longer blogging. I understand that as the years go on people become disinterested in getting online, or give their blog up for Facebook alone.

Social media does become too much to deal with and is, at times, overwhelming.

So at the end of every year I go through my blog roll and if no one has posted in a year or more, they go. Or, if I'm no longer interested in their blog, they go.

It does help to cull every year and it also gets me ready for following new blogs and people next year.

So, do you guys cull your blog roll every year?

Does it make you feel good to shorten that list of people you follow?

Does it make you feel good and light to cull the time you spend online?

Jewels xxoo

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