Friday, November 9, 2012

Two-faced, back stabbing bitch Benjamin Norris wins Australia's Big Brother! Fucking hell!!!

It was the end of two reality shows this week here in Aus.

Brynne, My Bedazzled Life, about the incredibly vacuous, big boobed, American blonde bimbo, Brynne, who married old fart fake millionaire, Geoffrey Edelston who is a crook, lost everything, and went to jail decades ago. And is now suing everyone.


It was also the end of Big Brother.

After three months of people sniping and bitching behind each other's backs, and some would argue that that would be all you could do stuck in a house for three months with people, Ben proved that nice people win last, and two-faced bitches win it all.

He won 250,000 and a car.

I was hoping Estelle would win, just to prove to all the bastards, especially Ben, who shit all over her behind her back and sucked up to her face, that they got it so wrong.

But unfortunately it was not to be. She came third.

So it came down to pommie bimbo Layla, and bitch Ben.

Ben won.

All he ever did was bitch and whinge and shit all over people. Sniping about them behind their back, hugging them and sucking up to their face, starting fights and issues, and hiding behind the phrase "do you want some constructive criticism?".

Criticism is NEVER constructive, and it was just his excuse for shitting on people even more. Talk about opinionated!

From the Big Brother website when asked "How would you describe yourself?", he answered - I would describe myself as being like a fairly out-there social person. I’m like incredibly interested in people. People tell me their secrets of their lives within moments, but I won’t necessarily always reveal a lot about myself. People will think I like them and I cannot stand them. Like, people are always shocked at the level of bitchiness that will come out of my mouth.

Says everything, doesn't it!

A lot of people cannot believe he won with his attitude. I can't believe he won with his attitude. Although it just goes to show that the people who voted for him are just as hateful as him and people like Margie who won this year's Biggest Loser. More about that bitch face mole here.

I am stunned. I am disgusted. I hope bad karma comes back to stab him in the back after everything he did and said in the house.

And on top of all that, when he came out he proposed to his boyfriend.

Well channel 9, there's your reality show for next year.

My Big Fat Fake Gay Wedding!

Jewels xxoo

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