Monday, November 26, 2012

Australia's schoolies week results in death and stupidity.

Ah schoolies!

The week where teenagers go mental on the Gold Coast, partying hard, getting drunk, and doing stupid shit.

Last week we had one do this. Apparently he needed some air. He also got sent home.

And then Isabelle Colman died by falling from the 26 floor balcony of a hotel while alone.

And then one teen decided to do this.

Clearly teens do not learn from the fate of others mistakes. They do not take notice and make the choice to not do stupid things. They do not understand consequences. They do not get that their life could end.

Talk about lack of brain.

Apparently it will never happen to them.

Until it does.

God teens are stupid!

And there's a new wave of them partying hard this week.

Jewels xxoo

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