Friday, November 16, 2012

A letter for Brad Pitt!

Dear Brad,

You look like shit and have done for some time. You need to get a haircut and have a shave and look like the Brad we all knew and got crushes on. The fresh faced moppet who looked so good and so young and so hot.

I get you may be tired. I get you may be overworked. I get that Ange and the kids have sucked the living life out of you.

And that Chanel ad.

What a shit thing to do. Bo.ring!

World War Z will be watched. Mainly because I never want to be a Zombie and they scare the shit out of me and they could very well be real. But I will watch it. Because that's what I do.

So, Brad, get a cut, have a shave, and maybe a nip and tuck somewhere to get that youthful glow back you once had pre Angie, and maybe, just maybe, we will all love you and take you seriously again.


Jewels xxoo

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