Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two weeks of fast tracked NCIS and then we're back to repeats! Give me MICHAEL WEATHERLY!!!!!

Just before the writer's strike in America, the channels started fast tracking the really popular tv shows. 

And then the writer's strike happened and the networks were stuffed. Yet with some shows they continue to fast track them, such as NCIS. 

For two weeks we had new eps and then last night, a repeat, of Tony's ex fiance Wendy getting blown up after chasing super heroes.

Not good enough channel 10.

Channel 7 did it weeks ago with Grey's Anatomy, started the first two eps and then announced we were so caught up it wouldn't be back for two weeks, and then it came back last night.

Why not wait until a months worth of eps have aired and then we wouldn't have to put up with repeats all the bloody time!

Seriously channel 10!

Not good enough.

Jewels xxoo

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