Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am really sick of companies who do not act professionally when dealing with their clients.

You ask for something to be done by a certain time and it isn't. You speak forcefully to let them know it needs to be done by YOUR deadline and not theirs. You call every day or every week and send emails to see how it's going.

Never mind the fact the people running the companies are wet rags. They have limp handshakes, speak quietly, don't give you much information, and yet they only want your money and keep forgetting that they are supposed to be WORKING FOR your money.

And yet, they still fail to fulfil YOUR deadline.

Companies wonder why they are losing customers. Why people are going online to buy goods and services and not spending it in bricks and mortar stores.

Well, duh, you don't deserve our money, how's that for the truth. Your assistants are not always worth talking to or dealing with, and your prices are astronomical.

But the main thing turning me off companies I have to deal with professionally with business is lack of professionalism! 

They just don't give a crap about what YOU want!

Suck on them lemons!

Jewels xxoo


  1. where in the world is carmon sandiago... i was like 7 when that was on tv but thats her on the side panel right!?

    I totally agree with you, you know who my biggest problem company is? the bank!! the customer service is disgusting... you know why? because they know you need them, they know yuo have to borrow from them, or use there accounts for direct deposits and such... they dont care if you need the hold taken off of your checks early, they dont care if youve been with them since 2002 and they dont care that they charge you a ridiculous amount to take YOUR money out! so ya, agreed, if you want business act like your worth the money spent!

  2. It's true, banks just want your money and to hell with your feelings!


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