Monday, October 22, 2012

CSI New York is back on Australian tv! I hope!

Let's hope it lasts this time, although considering the track record of channel 9 with all CSIs in general, it might not.

They've just started showing the last season of Miami, Vegas disappeared months ago, and now last years' season of New York is off to a rocky start. Months ago they aired the first episode after the season before, read that here, and then it disappeared, then it came back but was repeats, now, hopefully I'll see tonight, whether they'll continue with episode 4 after jumping ep 2 to air ep 3.


I am!

But at least it is a night of good tv. The Mentalist at 8:30, Hawaii 5-O at 9:30 and then CSI NY at 10:30.

Jewels xxoo

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