Wednesday, October 3, 2012

30,000 people marched for Jill Meagher. But who marches for all the other women who are raped and killed?

Jill Meagher was a woman who was grabbed, raped, and killed just weeks ago here in Australia.

After having a drink and deciding to walk home on her own, a man who walked past her decided to do what he wanted and take advantage.

Thanks to a store's CCTV footage, police were able to arrest him and charge him with rape and murder.

But what happened afterwards has me astounded.

30,000 people marched for Jill Meagher.

Flowers and tributes were left outside of the store she was last seen in front of.

Someone spray painted a huge mural down an alley for her.

There was mention of a rose garden being set up for her.

News readers and presenters kept claiming the state, the country, the world was shocked by the events of what had happened.

I wasn't.

My issue is this.

Why her?

Why Jill Meagher?

Why did 30,000 people march for her, leave flowers for her, paint a mural, and want to set up a rose garden for her?

Every single day, week, month, year, women of all ages, races, religions and beliefs, whether they have been drinking, drugging, or just walking along a footpath, are taken, raped, and killed.

Sometimes their body is found, most times they are not.

They are beaten, stoned, whipped, beheaded.

Who marches for them?

Who leaves flowers for them?

Who sets up a rose garden for them?

Who paints a mural for them?

Who claims the state, the country, the world is shocked for them?

Not many.

There are rarely any flowers left, any news stories, no rose gardens, no murals, no marches.

Who cares about the millions of other women around the world being grabbed and killed?

Why just do this for Jill Meagher?

I don't understand why you do it for one, and no others. Aren't ALL women, children and men worth leaving flowers for? Marching for, painting a mural for, setting up a rose garden for.

What about the other women? 

Who's going to march for them?

Jewels xxoo

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