Friday, September 28, 2012

Yaz Flex. A new birth control for women.

A brand new birth control pill for women, just what WE need. A pill designed to let us go four month at a time without a period. 


Let's go a year without a period!

How about the rest of our lives without a period!!!

Wouldn't that be so much better?

It also comes in a Pez dispenser which records dosage and sends out an alarm when you missed a pill or need to take one.

If you're worried about skipping periods don't be concerned, according to Family Planning NSW medical director Dr Deborah Bateson. "What happens in continuous regimes is the lining of the uterus gets thinner over time and there is nothing much to bleed. Many women find it empowering to be able to choose when to have a period."

Common side effects include nausea, depression, headache, breast pain and unscheduled bleeding.

Duh! Women have all of that on the normal pill!

Women using it also face twice the risk of a blood clot as women using older versions of oral contraceptives, but the risk was still low - 2.7 in 100,000 women. In pregnancy the risk of a blood clot is six in 100,000.


All I know is that women have already been doing this for decades. Me included. HOWEVER, the side effects are right, sore breasts and spotting that became so bad I had to go back to my gyno to have a check up. First bad story here, second bad story here.

He recommended a different pill and going back to a period every month, as we all start out. 

It's taken a good ten months to sort out the bleeding from the inside out like I was a hose on full bore, but it's getting there, and to the point of only bleeding for two days during my actual period.

Cool Buster!

So, no need for this pill for me, as I'm doing fine!

Jewels xxoo

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