Wednesday, September 19, 2012

People who pronounce schedule as shed-ule and not sked-ule give me the irits!

We all say school as sk-ool, and schooner as sk-ooner. Which was how I and many others were taught at school!

However, I have noticed that many people who pronounce these words properly don't carry it on through the sch (sk) words. 

Like schedule!

I was taught that sch was pronounced as sk. As in school, schooner, schedule, and yet so many people decide to change the English language and pronounce it as shed-ule.

It is NOT shed-ule, IT IS SKED-ULE!

Seriously people, if you use the sk sound on school and schooner use it on schedule as well, don't change it. I hate it!

And this is just like the "H" debate I had years ago when it comes to the English language!

Jewels xxoo

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