Monday, September 3, 2012

Cyber bullying at its supposed worst. But is Charlotte Dawson responsible for her own bullying? Apparently not, according to Australia's 60 Minutes!

Charlotte Dawson, 46, a former New Zealander, model, Australia's Next Top Model host, author, wanna-be celebrity, sent herself off to hospital last week to the psych ward of the emergency department for being abused on Twitter.

Charlotte had been partaking in twitter abuse, retweeting those who abused her, and giving as good as she got, for a reported, 8 hours. Although we have all asked ourselves why she didn't hurl abuse back and then block the little bastards.

Last week, Charlotte put her face on more than a half dozen Aussie shows to talk about cyber bullying and how she reported one of her abusers, after finding her work details on her twitter profile, to the woman's boss at Monash University. Apparently the woman deals with teenagers.

Charlotte took great delight in reporting this to everyone on every show and channel she was on, as if this woman had been the only one to do wrong. She claimed, "this woman harassed one of my followers and so I tracked her down and reported her to her boss." She even used the woman's name. People applauded her for it and for outing a troll and cyber bully.

Cyber bullying was also mentioned in great detail on the shows and yet none of them even mentioned a whiff of the cyber bullying Charlotte herself had inflicted over the months. Not to mention her bullying on the shows she hosts.

She has hurled all sorts of abuse at young potential models, called girls names on Next Top Model, "NEXT TOP MOLES", and "DAPTO DOGS", and said awful things to many people, including Bryan Boy, a male fashion blogger who's quite huge on the internet. Apparently he's been abusing Charlotte for years, although how and why he would know of her I have no idea as she's not widely known in Australia, and she, only a few months ago while he was here in Australia for a fashion week, declared on twitter, "would someone please please please kill Bryan boy." A friend of Bryan's tweeted him some message about Charlotte and he declared he was calling the police as he was scared.

Well, Charlotte had to go on TV then and explain HER behaviour and all she could crap on about what that it was a "JOKE" and everyone should calm down as she didn't mean anything by it.

Well, this week, one of Charlotte's followers was abused, after mentioning in a tweet that her fiance had killed himself only a few months before, and that's when Charlotte went on TV and blabbed about her reporting the abuser. That's when Charlotte started getting abused and was told to "put her face in a toaster", "kill herself", and to "go and hang yourself", and that's when she took herself off to the psych ward of the hospital.

Quite frankly, it's all such a joke and everyone needs to go the fuck away.

Charlotte is a supposed advocate for a bullying charity and yet she has done it for years. She bullies, she insults, she demeans and is just plain mean. And now it is time for Charlotte to reap what she has sown.

Charlotte, you blabbed your mouth to the world about reporting some poor woman to her boss and yet no one seems to have reported you. You have told someone to kill Bryan boy and now someone has told you to kill yourself. Now you are getting what you have given. On top of that, you have proven yourself to be a hypocritical two faced liar.

Claiming, you are as tough as old leather and can take it. That people should shut up if they can't take what they give, and that you don’t care what people say.

What a load of fucking bullshit.

Nothing but lies, lies, lies. And you have proven this by taking yourself off to the psych ward, which only tells me you have other issues going on in your life. Which we found out in two of your interviews.

Over the many websites that reported on this last week, Charlotte did have many who wished her well. However, none of those sites, as of Friday, knew exactly what she was there for. Many were against her, retelling the details of the bullying she has done and things she has said. That many did not know who she was and they didn't care. There must have been other issues if she went to hospital and that she got what she deserved after doing it herself. Many showed screen grabs of her Twitter page showing the abuse she has hurled at people.

Charlotte, I've never met you, and while I think, good on you for speaking your mind and saying what you think, this time, you have royally put your foot in it. Your karma has clearly come back to bite you on the arse and hopefully you will turn a corner and realise what you really are. You clearly cannot take it as you claimed and you cannot defend what you said about Bryan Boy against what people have said to you now. For all the ones who told you to go and hang yourself, they can claim the exact thing you did. "IT WAS A JOKE."

How will you feel then? You cannot defend what you always deny. You cannot defend your own words against the same of another. You cannot claim you were joking and then slam those for saying the same thing. You cannot claim they are being bullies when you deny you bully. You are what you accuse others of being and it's high time you pulled your head out, grew a brain, built a bridge and got over yourself. Take a damn good look in the mirror and wake up to yourself. Stop denying and start admitting.


And then you went on Australia's 60 Minutes. 

Tara Brown introduced the story and used the words "only just survived".

Oh please!

She asked Charlotte, "why did you keep reading it?"

Charlotte shook her head back and forth and kept reading the messages aloud and finally said, "it's directed at me….."

That was her only excuse for continuing to read all of the messages when she could have blocked and deleted them and gotten the hell off Twitter. Instead, she read and retweeted them.

Charlotte has "blunt opinions" and has suffered depression for over a decade, yet claims to have a thick skin even though she has previously tried to kill herself. So she got extremely drunk, felt distraught and depressed after hours of reading and retweeting and was so helpless she found herself surrounded by doctors in hospital after a "supposed attempt on her own life". Although details were not mentioned and no one actually said what she did to herself.

Charlotte claimed she had never had "death threats" to that ferocity before and felt her safety was in danger. She also believes people should be "extremely responsible" for what they say and do. 

That's a joke, coming from her.

People have accused her of only doing this for the publicity as her book is coming out. They've accused her of being a hypocrite and Tara asked her if, with everything she's ever said, is she a bully.

Charlotte looked away and mumbled, struggling to find the words. She didn’t say she wasn't a bully, only said she doesn't think she bullies. And went on to say something about bullying is extremely threatening behaviour. The way she reacted to that question clearly shows she has no idea of the impact she has made on people with her "blunt opinions".

Social media is not the problem. A website is not to blame for the actions of the people using it. Trolls are trolls wherever you find them. Next door, down the street, in the next suburb, state, country. Mostly, they do it to get off. To make themselves feel better because they have low self-esteem, no confidence and no brain.

Bullies bully for the same reasons. They don’t like themselves, had a shit home life, got abused by a parent. 

Although as an adult, you have NO excuse as you can change your life.

Charlotte clearly hasn't changed hers, still believing she doesn't bully. So I'll say it again. Take a damn good look in the mirror and wake up to yourself. Stop denying and start admitting.


I am editing this on Feb 26, 2014, 17 months after I first wrote and published this post. Charlotte Dawson killed herself this month and many on tv and in the media are blaming the trolls, claiming they have blood on their hands.

My above opinion still stands and was based on what happened at the time and in previous months.

As I have mentioned below in a comment, trolls and bullying did not kill Charlotte Dawson, Charlotte Dawson killed Charlotte Dawson.

Her mental health issues had been happening for years and she took what many would call the coward's way out so she didn't have to deal with her issues any longer.

While bullying is an issue it has been happening since the dawn of time and will continue to happen until someone actually bothers to step in and make changes. Bullying does not make a person kill themselves, many other things, like low self-esteem, no confidence, a feeling of being a loser, depression etc contribute to the thought of ending it all.

But there is only one thing that ends your life, and that is YOUR choice to opt out of dealing with your problems and to kill yourself. It is no one else's choice but your own. The person who kills themselves is the ONLY person responsible.


  1. Oh boy, so nasty!! ..2 wrongs don't make a right.. seems like Charlotte (RIP) wasn't the only one with an issue.. Ever thought about anger management..

    1. 17 months after I first posted this I get a reply all because Charlotte proved once again she could not take what she dished out.

      There are two issues.

      1 - bullying did not kill Charlotte
      2 - Charlotte killed Charlotte

      Her depression and other issues were there a long time before Twitter was even invented, Twitter and her "bullies" are not to blame. Charlotte is. She made the choice to end it. Everything I mentioned in my post is clearly and easily seen in the tv interviews and shows.

      This was not nasty, this was truth. This was the tv shows that she did interviews on and everything I repeated can be seen on them.

      You're claiming I have an issue. I do, with hypocritical liars. Charlotte even lied to her own friends by telling them she was getting off Twitter. She didn't. She lied to her friends, she lied to the public, she lied to herself.

      You're talking about anger management, believe me, I was nowhere near being as angry as Charlotte Dawson made Charlotte Dawson.

      You're the one without the balls to leave your name and you're having a go at me. Get real!

    2. Jules, you wrote the truth, apart from one thing. Bullying IS a problem, and social media is a part of it. But Charlotte was part of that problem, and it's a bit hypocritical to play the victim as she did.
      Sorry, I'm going anonymous, because some people get nasty when you point out the truth..

    3. And you were scared of being bullied Anon, I completely get it!

  2. Jewels, I have stumbled onto you blog purely by accident, well almost.

    On Saturday some friends and family were discussing CD and what a sad event her death is and so it is.I just happened to make the remark, as the discussion was about trolls, that she did a bit of this her self to which I found myself er well sort of by myself on that theory so I decided to do a search and have more evidence of that than I expected and also found your blog.

    Some will not like what you have written but I do. You have written with passion that telling the truth brings out and have not run with the pack. Hipocracy is an evil thing but it is now acceptable in all facets of our lives including politicians and media and is to be excused by all.

    After spending the evening searching for information and finding plenty to go by, you have articulated every word I wish I had said. It's a great article and thanks for having the courage to tell the truth.



    1. Thanks Russell. I read many blog and Facebook messages back in 2012 when I first posted this and at least half of the people thought the way I did and did not agree with just blaming the trolls and bullies as she was one herself.

  3. Oh my goodness. You implied that LJD was mentally ill. You should be imprisoned under Charlotte's law! You big meanie poopie head liar liar pants on fire!

    1. Charlotte's Law should not come into effect because Chloe's Law already exists because of bullying. It's the same thing, we do not need two laws simply because one is for a "celebrity" who killed herself.


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