Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why do women think they need to get married because they're pregnant?

Regardless of being with child, that does NOT mean you NEED to get married.

What is with the mind set of women who think it?

Mary was 13, a child and unmarried when God impregnated her with Jesus, if they existed, so Jesus is technically a bastard child. And I have no idea where or who came up with that moronic term anyway, probably the church, so really people, marrying someone just because of a child is nonsense.

That child does not give a fat rats about whether it's parents are joined in legal matrimony with the government or not.

So why the hell do women get that bullshit into their heads that they need to get married because they are having a kid?

If you're one of them you're bloody nuts, brainless, idiotic and every other word there is out there.

Nuts, bloody nuts.

Jewels xxoo

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