Friday, August 24, 2012

Where do you store your photos online and is it private and safe?

I've been chatting with a friend lately, Jewel Divas, and she told me her Picasa albums were almost full. I looked at mine and I have a tonne of space left. Not sure why it's so different between us since we both have blogger blogs and all pics uploaded to a blogger blog ends up in a Picasa album. 

So she's been cleaning hers out and deleting pics, and while it makes a difference, she's going to have to either start uploading through Google+ to get free storage, or find somewhere else to load up to.

Both of us keep our pics on our pcs and we have either uploaded our own or gotten pics off Google. And of course with the whole copyright thing going on, she's been changing her pics and I'm slow going getting around to that.

So, which blog do you have? Where are your pics stored, do you have plenty or no space left? Do you have a better method after trying them all. Can you keep them private from anyone seeing, even after posting it on your blog? I'd like to know, as I may have to find somewhere myself one day.

Jewels xxoo

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  1. For general files storage i use Dropbox including images. You can use above link to join. Create an account and download the application. Then, upload files from your pc to your account at Dropbox. You can also upload files directly to the website.

    You can also use Photobucket which is specially for storing images.


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