Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vile women and their vile screaming children!

I was at the doctor's surgery yesterday for a check up and there was a woman with two kids.

Which was fine as they started all nice and fine.

But then they ran down the other end of the surgery to a small kid's play table and the mother started saying no. She walked over to them and picked up the youngest, kept saying no, told the older one to get back to his seat and kept saying no.

All of that was fine and I had no problem with it.

It was when the kids started crying because they hate the word no that I had a problem with.

Instead of taking them outside while they scream so the rest of us didn't have to put up with it she stayed. They cried louder. She complained they were embarrassing her. They cried louder. The woman beside me started muttering under her breath, "oh for God's sake", and within two minutes her and her daughter had moved down the other end of the surgery. The kids kept crying, the mother kept complaining about being embarrassed and she still did nothing about it.

I don't have kids. If I did, or do, they will never cry or scream in a doctor's surgery. I will take them outside so that I don't inflict their shit on anyone else. And that's what other parents/people don't get. They think we want to hear their screaming children and them screaming back in an enclosed space.


As simple as that. Go and discipline your child somewhere away from the rest of us. Walk away, move away, go outside until your child has calmed down. Until YOU have stopped screaming your fucking head off in front of everyone and blaming your child for embarrassing you and causing YOU problems.

Get the fuck over yourself and raise your fucking children properly.

Jewels xxoo 

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