Friday, August 3, 2012

The Australian Olympic swim team are a bunch of cry babies and sore losers!

Ah, the Olympics! If it's proved anything it's that the Aussie swimmers are nothing but sore losers and cry babies. 

They cry when they don't win their heats. They cry when they win bronze. They cry when they win silver.

Emily Seebohm won silver. Did she appreciate it? Did she accept it? Did she feel grateful?

Apparently not.

She cried because she didn't win gold!

People on tv shows here in Aus have been claiming social media is to blame for them feeling bad about themselves and that they should be grateful they won anything and that they shouldn't put so much pressure on themselves.

It's not themselves that's the issue. It seems to be the whole swimming community that is putting the pressure on these kids. And they are just kids, some of them. They cannot see anything but the fact they didn't win gold and that's because the sporting community tells these athletes that the only medal to win IS GOLD! 

Nothing else is important. It's gold or nothing. GOLD GOLD GOLD!

Then, they see nothing BUT gold. And when they come second and win silver, or come third and win bronze they just cannot see that it was a monumental achievement because all they see is that they are not good enough, not fast enough, not thin enough, didn't shave down and that they could have gone faster.

There is nothing but GOLD.

No silver.

No bronze.

Nothing....but GOLD!

Gold is the only thing they should be coming home with but they don't and so the pressure gets to them.

That's not a pressure they are putting on themselves. That's the pressure they have picked up from the community around them and quite frankly, I think it needs to stop.

Even the male swimmers weren't happy with silver. But every other Aussie athlete that won a medal were so happy and proud to have won something so what does that say about the swim team? A bunch of bad losers or impressionable kids that the swimming coaches and community have screwed over.

Jewels xxoo

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