Monday, August 6, 2012

People who leave things until the last minute annoy me!

But then, I've left this post until the last minute......

I have been told by my mother for years "don't leave things until the last minute".

And then she leaves things until the last minute......

I don't leave things, as in my recent credit card renewal. I received my papers in March, my credit card didn't run out until August, I did it in July, more than one month before hand.

I get paid fortnightly, so some money goes aside each fortnight for each of the bills into an envelope labelled with each bill name. The bills get paid long before the due date as it coincides with my pay days. But my mother wants her bills paid the moment they come in, even if she doesn't have the full amount yet. It's a habit she's developed over the last few years. And as I've told her, the bills get paid by the date and she's never overdue so she needs to stop panicking, but she does anyway.

It annoys me. People who leave things until the last minute, people who get psycho about paying them the minute they come out of the mail box, people who are never prepared for anything because they don't bother even THINKING about what they need to do to get ready for whatever it is that they are doing.

I went on a family holiday back in 1998 and I had my stuff packed weeks beforehand, I knew what I was taking and how it was going in my case. But once again, my mother left all her packing until the night before and then left some of her stuff behind.

Leaving it until the last minute....

I'm not an organising freak, but for years of having my mother tell me to never leave it until the last minute, I have never left anything behind, always taken more than I needed and always been packed and done before leaving.

My bills are paid way before the due date, my rent is paid every fortnight, all of my other bills are paid, I'm never overdue on my credit card and everything is always done.

So I NEVER leave anything until the last minute.

So why do other people?

It doesn't take much to write out a list of what you need to take somewhere or what bills need paying. You DO NOT ignore it and hope it goes away.....because it NEVER does!

Jewels xxoo

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