Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Channel Ten's new show, Puberty Blues, may be based on a best selling book from the 70s, but what's it going to do for today's bullying?

Ah, Puberty Blues. A new TV show that's based on a bestselling book from the 70s that was also a movie in the 70s. Where kids pashed, had sex, sunbaked on the beach, ate chico rolls and called each other moles.

Yes, moles.

What exactly is this show going to do for the bullying situation in this country and the rest of the white world?

We have kids killing themselves because they are called names and bullied and this show will be on for six weeks and there will be name calling and emotional bullying in every episode.

What will kids think?

That if my parents did it in the 70s, then it's okay for me to do it today.

The book was such a bestseller that there was a movie. Now channel ten is bringing it back to life and God I hope no kid follows in the footsteps of the character and think it's okay. Otherwise the rate of bullying may go up and guess what will get blamed….

"Oh, well, they did it on that show, Puberty Blues. So why can't I call her a mole?"

Well done to channel ten.


Jewels xxoo


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