Friday, July 27, 2012

Why is it so hard to update your credit card these days?

My current credit card was fast losing its usage as the due date was quickly approaching. So, when the new one arrived for me to activate I thought, still got a few months left, let it go.

So I did.

And then last week I finally got around to activating the new one so I would still have the fantastic plastic to use for my online shopping addiction.

The absolute rigmarole in just getting through is ridiculous.

So we can direct you to the right area, please state clearly what you want.

So we know you're the card holder, please punch in your account number or credit card number.

So we know it's you, please punch in your birth date.

So we know it's you, please punch in your password.


It was such bullshit I went through the process about 5 times before finally calling the number on my account just to try and get through to a human.

The bizarre thing is, the recording even knew I had just called their other number and all I said was I want to speak to a human. They tried to connect me but it still went through various channels.

What a load of fucking crap. Just to activate a new card.

These companies send credit cards to teenagers and dogs for God's sake and they make activating a new one so fucking hard.

What bullshit!

Jewels xxoo

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