Monday, July 23, 2012

Literary masterpieces are NEVER written in the first draft!

They are bashed and beaten, poked and prodded, and whipped into submission by publishing house editors so that the publishing house is happy with the product they put out.

In fact, 99.99999999999% of most books probably NEVER end up being literary masterpieces.

Unfortunately that did not happen with the Fifty Shades trilogy.

I have not read these books and do not plan on it. I have, however, read extracts of book two and three in the latest Aus magazines.

And while I agree with a lot of people whinging about how badly written they are, (bitchers have probably never actually written a book in their life), I have and I agree.

But it goes back to my headline.

Literary masterpieces are not written in a first draft.

And I have a very big feeling, that when these books took off with the original publisher, The Writer's Coffee Shop, the big six probably jumped on it and thought, "well, if she's making all this money from these books then we'd better get on it and get some for ourselves." And so they paid E.L James a big fat wad of money and just shoved the books into print without even reading them.

They needed a lot of help.

Look at what people are complaining about.

"Anastacia says 'oh my' to much"

"There's too much sex, they must be sore"

"It's badly written"

Well, most books are first time round.

I don't know if E.L had this book thoroughly edited or assessed, since it came from a Twilight fan fiction I'd say probably not. And it's funny, I think Kristen Stewart is a plastic actress, so I can see that in the character of Anastacia.

Mia Freedman, an Aussie magazine ex editor, has harped on about how badly these books were written. Apparently Mia, who has released several books through a publishing house, is such a fucking literary masterpiece writer herself. Considering her books would have been gone over and bashed into shape by her editor, I think she's a bit high and mighty when it comes to thinking she's so fucking perfect as a writer.

Personally, I don't think much of these books and I'm not going to read them. I've heard enough to not be interested and I'm not missing out on anything. There have been countless erotic books before it and there will be countless erotic books after it. It's no big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Jewels xxoo

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