Friday, July 6, 2012

The actors who inspired the characters in THE ROAD TO VEGAS!

There's only ever been two. Michael Weatherly and Carmine Giovinazzo!

Carmine Giovinazzo from CSI New York. This pic is from 2006. It was in the TV Guide HOT GUYS OF SUMMER June edition and he IS Vegas. So when you read the book, imagine Carmine! Unfortunately I couldn't put him looking like this on the cover of the book due to copyright/permission etc but I sort of came close. 

Ah, Michael Weatherly. The gorgeously gorgeous ex-husband of mine. I found this photo after a bit of a google look at the time and it's EXACTLY how I imagined Diega Montiamo when he's standing at the window contemplating the lovely Tahlia and how he's going to woo her away from the beast that pulled her out of the concert hall.

As for Carlos Santiago, I never had an actual actor in mind for him, but in the years since I keep coming back to Jack Scalia. Not sure why, probably because I've seen him in a lot of movies, especially two Jackie Collins ones, so he has the experience. So maybe that's why.

So when you read THE ROAD TO VEGAS keep Michael and Carmine in mind. Insanely hot, gorgeously suave, extremely fuckable!

Jewels xxoo

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