Monday, June 18, 2012

Last night on Australian tv it was reality show overload. And I'm SO over it!

Last night on channel 7 we had the finale of our version of Dancing with the Stars for two+ lonnnggggg hours.

At the same time on channel 9 we had The Block followed by part 1 of The Voice finale

And over on channel 10 we had an ep of Masterchef.
I'm on overload. 

Channel 7 had Australia's Got Talent and Please Marry My Boy before it and has some crappy blonde tart called Brynne with her fucked up reality show coming.

Channel 9 had Celebrity Apprentice before it and has Big Brother when it finishes, and possibly another Farmer Wants a Wife.

Channel 10 had The Biggest Loser before Masterchef and probably has Masterchef Junior lined up ready to go.

I'm done. I'm so over reality tv I have never watched an ACTUAL full series of ANYTHING and I'm soooo over it. 


Because they took off all the good stuff to show it. NCIS, CSI NY/Miami/Vegas, Criminal Minds, and God knows how many other shows I'm missing out on.

Pisses me off!!!!!!

Jewels xxoo

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