Monday, June 25, 2012

I can fully understand why people kill their parents.

A lot of people have killed their parent/s over the decades, and while many fail to understand why they do it, they seem to think money is the only reason, yet there is really only one reason.

Verbal/emotional abuse.

And unless you have been at the hands of the verbal/emotional abuse, you can't really understand why they kill their parent/s.

The constant yelling, screaming, demeaning, sarcastic, critical, put downs is absolutely overwhelming and screws your mind and emotional well being. It makes you feel like shit and start thinking of how you would feel if they dropped dead.

You'd be free, you'd feel free, you could live your life how you want and not by the constant rules and guidelines they believe they have the right to force on you because that was the way they grew up.

So they force their own upbringing on you, believing that is the only way and it does not even occur to them that life is different, the world is different and things are so different that things just have to change. It doesn't occur to them. They stubbornly refuse to change their minds or way of thinking because it's their way or the highway. It's their way or no way at all and it's a fucking pain in the arse.

I can really see why people kill their parent/s. It's too much for the mind to take. It's too much for the soul to take, and all you want is to be free and you cannot see any other way out of it.

You just want them to go away so you can be free.

Jewels xxoo

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