Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Does Social Media control your life, or do you control it?

Social Media. We are all over it in some way shape or form. And time and time again we constantly hear about people, mainly Gen Ys, who cannot live without it. Would die without it.

How pathetic.

Since being on social media it has opened a whole new world for me. Sure, that's great, it opens a whole new world for everyone.

For those that cannot get out of where they are, or have no life, it's great to correspond with others from around the world.

But does it get in the way of your real life.

You remember what that is, right?

Do you have your smart phone in your hand 24/7? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram?

Are you taking photos, making comments, telling people every little fucking detail about your life and what you're doing?

Blowing your nose?

Taking a piss?

Sitting on the fucking toilet?

Instagram and Instaprint is now setting it up so that you can sell your pictures for other people to buy and use for their products and you get to set the price for what it sells.

Social Media, you can tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, Pinterest it, tell the whole world about it and for some reason you really think people are going to give a shit.

I'm all over it for the sake of advertising and publicising my books and career. But I don't feel the need to let people know I'm taking a shit or piss or picking my nose.

Seriously people, take a step back, take a fucking good look at what you are writing/doing, and get the fuck over yourself. We don't want to know mundane bullshit. Give us something wild and inappropriate but decent, and something we can get involved with and continue on instead of just going, yeah, whatever!

Social Media. Does it control you, or do you control it?

Personally, I control my social media. I'm not all over it 24/7 and I do take breaks from the internet. It's nice, it's relaxing, it's invigorating and gives you time to come back with something good. Or maybe not at all.

Jewels xxoo

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