Monday, June 11, 2012

Australian tv legend, Kerri-Anne Kennerly has Cancer. Just don't call it a battle!

I love KAK, and it's not nice that she has recently found a lump in her breast and has had it diagnosed as cancer. I know she'll fight it with the same pizazz that she lives her life by.

My problem with this, as usual, is that media is essentially acting like she's on her death bed already.




All of these lines and more are always thrown out whenever any celebrity reveals they have cancer. Never mind about the millions of mere mortals who find out every single day that they have it. Do they get the tv and media coverage celebrities get? Of course not.

It is not a battle. You don't get into a boxing ring with cancer and beat each other up. You don't get on horses and have a jousting duel. You don't throw down a glove and declare war. Although you could!

I wish media would stop beating it up and using terms that are not needed and just plain stupid.

Millions of people every day are dealing with cancer. They do not let it get to them, they get on with life. Kids get on with playing, adults get on with working or raising children that still need to be looked after, people change their job, their life, their passions. They use it as a reason to start doing better by helping charities, hospitals, people. They don't let it stop them. They don't let it take hold and run or ruin their life. They don't let it dictate how they are going to live or what they are going to do. They see it as a challenge, as a hurdle in their life path or as a warning sign that they need to change their life.

They DON'T see it as a battle, a fight, or a death certificate. They see it as just another thing in their life they need to deal with.

So why doesn't anyone else?

Why do the media beat it up?

Why can't the media put positive spins on an every day disease?

A disease that every day people are finding out they have.

I wish the crap would stop. I wish the shit headlines would get shoved back in the closet where they belong. 

I wish, for once, the media turned this shit into something positive instead of something negative and stupid.

Jewels xxoo

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