Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Let’s question the rolling sea of inner turmoil that makes mummy bloggers more successful than single gals trying to chip out that little niche for themselves.

Why do mummy bloggers seem to get the most followers?

I get there are squillions of mothers out there who all need each other.

But why is it, when one is so truthful and straight talking, and tell it like it is, it seems to be the exact same things some single women talk about but never get the followers for. Or cudos!

There are millions of us out there who speak our minds with not a care for other opinions. Some call us opinionated. Some call us a bitch.

But either way we are the same.

Whether we are singe, married, divorced, widowed, if we all speak the same why are we not treated the same?

We all have life experiences, we all go through ups and downs, we all go through absolute shit with someone or something in our lives and so we all blog about it.

But for some reason, some of us are treated like shit on the bottom of a shoe; others are revered and put on pedestals. I find this shit hypocritical.

You cannot slag off at a single woman for blogging something and then turn around and praise a mother for writing the exact same thing.

There are so many of us who speak the truth straight and to the point regardless of whether you like it or not. You have the choice to not read our blog, we have the choice to blog about anything we like.

It is our tiny space of the World Wide Web. Our tiny desert island where we think, feel and see straight for the first time in our lives. Our little world where we go to get away from the shit around us and the people making our lives hell, to breathe deeply and let it all drift away with the ebb and flow of the ocean around us.

A tiny little spot to call our very own. Where no one judges, no one has the need to insult instead of disagree, no one to make our lives that extra horrible because they cannot handle their own shit and have to dump it on everyone else like the trolls they are.

Not that I care, I like a good verbal brawl.

But back to my point.

We were given the brain and thought power to question EVERYTHING, to think differently and to come up with our own opinion whether right or wrong. And only YOU will think it wrong. Women think and feel like other women and there are many of us who speak our minds so freely we get lampooned for it, except for mothers it seems.

Mummy bloggers are fantastic *sarcastic eye roll* because they know what YOU'RE going through, like a SINGLE gal wouldn't. They know what it's like to change a poo-ing baby, like a SINGLE, CHILDLESS gal wouldn't. They know what it's like to stay up late with a vomiting child who's down with the flu, or croup, because a SINGLE, CHILDLESS gal wouldn't.

And yet, when you read the posts of a mummy blogger who speaks her mind of other things, there are so many who agree.

So, why are SINGLE, CHILDLESS BLOGGERS treated so differently? Why are we trolled and labelled all names under the sun because instead of you merely saying you disagree, you feel the need to slap every single insultive name upon us?

Do you do that to mummy bloggers?

Not so much anymore. Mummy bloggers are becoming more and more popular with businesses wooing them so they put ads for their companies on their blogs.

And apparently you need to have been through some traumatic experience, or divorce, death, sickness, disability, or some other such thing to qualify as someone of note.

Read some mummy blogs, you'll see what I mean.

Why are SINGLE AND CHILDLESS blogs not treated the same?

Why are we kicked to the curb and left by the wayside for others to drive over and grind into the ground like we don't matter. Like our feelings don't matter. Like our thoughts and opinions don't matter? Whether you agree or not.

I don't know, but I'm fucking sick of it.

Jewels xxoo

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