Monday, May 14, 2012

So some weirdo decided to email me and thought they could change my mind. FUCK THAT BULLSHIT!

So recently I did a post on Margie from Biggest Loser, read about it here, and that somehow provoked a poster? reader? not sure what she is, to send me an email. Our convo went like this, and quite frankly, I'm still a bit pissed that she thought she could persuade me to change my mind by emailing me.



I read your blog about angry lesbians. Would love you to give me a call...I think we need to have a friendly chat about a few things. XXXXX (she left her phone number for God's sake) I understand your position, but would love to speak to you a bit more in depth about the issue.
Kind regards



Anything you have to say, say it on my blog. I'm not going to ring you to have a chat, and clearly from the way you phrased your email you think I'm in the wrong and need to be chastised for it and have my opinions changed. No thanks. Say it on my blog or don't say it at all.


EMAIL #2  -

I certainly don't want to chastise you. The reason I wanted to talk to you is I feel like so much gets lost over email. I respect your right to your opinion, but I need you to know what it means to me. I can understand that you don't like margie, I'm not sure anyone does but please channel that dislike into who she is not what she is.

Being gay or being different is hard. Acceptance is hard, from yourself and others. Have you ever dressed up beautifully for a night out and felt great? Then someone says something and all of a sudden you come back down to reality. That's what being gay sometimes feels like, you fit it perfectly, your dressed great then you get blindsided with a comment and you realise that your an outsider that you will always be fighting just to fit in.

Were in a time where changes are starting to happen, positive things are happening, gay marriage and equality are starting to get a voice. But we need to come together. We need each other. I realise that your post was against one person not all lesbians, but so many people have really negative thoughts against homosexuals that they will use anything to fuel those ideas.

Margie, well hate her because she is a bitch, something she can control. Not who she falls in love with or how she looks, things she can't change. Your voice and your message are powerful, you left me standing there in my dress, realising acceptance is still a long way away.




I posted about Margie because she was being a bitch. If her being gay is a part of that, which I touched on, then that's her issue. I don't give a shit if she's gay, you're gay, half the world is gay. Your sexual choice is none of my business. I don't need to discuss anything with you, and if you had read the replies you would see some of the posters are gay and think she's a bitch. My post was about Margie's shit attitude, NOT her being gay. I'm done with this conversation!


I mean SERIOUSLY! who did she think she was trying to change MY mind! FUCK THAT!

Jewels xxoo

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