Friday, May 18, 2012

Family, is not all it's cracked up to be!

Ah family, sometimes I really wish I didn't have any!

Bitches for sisters, bastards for brothers. The pain, the fury, the anger, the hatred. The name calling and pain inflicting. The mental and verbal torture. The being used as a scapegoat for them and their whinges and whines and tantrums.

"Well So-So got this, and So-So got that, why can't I have it?????" Much foot stomping and hand throwing ensued.

Never mind the fact they were much older and had jobs and money of their own and So-So was still a child and could not fend for herself and legally still needed to be taken care of by a parent.

No! That never occurred to them at all!!!!!

"I need money, I need this, I need that, why won't you give me any money? I deserve it I'm your son/daughter!"

Throwing a tantrum in your twenties will not get you any money, and so it shouldn't.

As for So-So, she grew up hating her family. All five of them! Years of torment, anger and hatred left lifelong wounds in her heart and soul. So-So will never be the happy young child she was many a decade ago. Much has changed, and while she doesn't see her family, except for the odd one now and then, nothing has changed for them either. Anger, hatred and rage still swirl around in their cold, black, dying hearts and they never get a clue that they have been that way for a lifetime. That there is nothing wrong with them and they don't need to change. Everyone is against them and they don't understand why people get angry at them.

Because of years and torment you inflicted imbicile!

So-So has had enough, and all of the anger and hatred from them that has seeped into her heart and soul she is dying to be rid of. She just doesn't know when, and doesn’t know how, except to pack and leave and never look back.

For as long as she may live.

Jewels xxoo


  1. Was there a point to that blog?

  2. There was a point but if you didn't get it that's your problem not mine!


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