Friday, May 4, 2012

Australians to be paid $300 to house a refugee! WHAT THE FUCK!

Apparently the Federal Government will pay families up to $300 a week to temporarily house asylum seekers in their homes to help deal with the increasing flood of arrivals because the Immigration Department is facing a potential shortage of community housing to accommodate detainees who are being released into the community, so the Government has turned to householders for help.


For a start, these refos should not even be allowed into the country, they should not be allowed to enter the public, they should be sent back to where they came from.

But because they have been given bridging visas while awaiting the resolution of their immigration status, it means they can be released into the general public to basically do what they want even though they have technically NOT been told they can stay. The have NOT yet been given permission to stay in Australia but unfortunately, I believe that's what many will believe when sent out into the wild of a place they know nothing about. They will stay with people they do not know, have to learn about things they do not understand and get around a place they have no idea about.

And to top it off, the refos released will be males, 18 - 35 I think was stated. There will be shit happening you just won't be able to control!

I don't give a shit about refos. If you want to move to another country move to one closer to your own. Don't sail past perfectly acceptable countries in the vain hope of getting to stay here because our dumb bitch of a Prime Minister cannot pull her fucking head out of her arse and shut the fucking gates to the country.

Labour have basically told every single asylum seeker in the world to come on in, the country's free. You will get accommodation, food, water, and some sort of pension because you cannot speak English and have no hope of ever assimilating into the country.


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  1. it is up to $300 a week, could be less, and quite frankly that is not enough money to pay me to house anyone, let alone someone who could be a rapist from Afghanistan. Nearby to me turned out one supposed refugee was really an opportunist from Syria who was 26 claiming to be a teenager. And he was put into the local high school???? I don't have a prob with refugees as long as we can ensure they are who they say they are and if we can't they can't stay. I found out by accident that refugess get paid $55,000 to set themselves up here and they get public housing above Aussies on the waiting list. To get public housing an aussie is better off getting in a tinny, wearing a headscarf, saying me don't speak English, holding the Koran and boating to Darwin and claiming refugee status. So if they want to come here then we should also ensure our poor australians get housing and money as well and I don't believe we should allow Muslims into the country. They breed more then Christians and eventually one will want to run for parliament. What I don't get is prayers rooms are being built at the MCG but I got told off at work once for having a bible in my possession; I said if I wore a headscarf you'd leave me alone.

  2. Exactly!

    It's funny how they want to ban people from wearing a cross or reading a bible but what about every other religion?

    Ban one, ban all!

  3. Jeez. This site is a waste of space

  4. Then why the fuck are you posting troll?


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