Friday, April 20, 2012

My wireless internet router is giving me the absolute shits coz it's a piece of crap!

In preparation for buying an iPad I knew I was going to need a wireless router so I could hook it up. I found one in my local Kmart for $30, cheap, right? not so, as when I got it home I found it was missing the vital piece, the power cord.

So I took it back and got a refund and had them ship one in from another store for me.

Great! Right?

Not so!

I got it home and tried setting it up but even though the computer recognised it, it didn't stay connected to the net for long. So, after pissing around with it, I finally hooked it up again and followed the directions in one of the videos on the Netcomm website. It worked, I followed all steps and connected the damn thing on a hot boiling day, and walla, I had wireless internet.

Since then, it has sputtered, only worked when it wanted, turned on, turned off and generally pissed me off.

When I was figuring it out I rang the local number they give and was told by the recorded voice that it would cost me $50 if it was something I could have figured out for myself.


So anyhoodle, I tried logging in through the iPad last night and the fucking thing didn't work, EVEN AFTER 3 GOES. I felt like throwing the Pad out the window but it's not the Pad's fault, it's the fucking wireless router's fault.

I guess I'm going to have to either call them or email them, God, what a fucker!

Jewels xxoo

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