Friday, April 27, 2012

My highest blog stats of all time. Guess which post has it? It will take you in ONE DIRECTION only....

So today I've decided to do something a little different. Just the other day, Blogger decided to automatically change my blog to the new layout. You know the one, the one that's shit and you can't find anything anywhere and it's horrible, white and new.

So I saw my stats, and noticed that there was one page that had scored just above 5,000 hits. Today, that page has over 12,000.

So, I dcided to link back to the posts that have over 1000 pageviews of all time.

Let's reminisce shall we.

At 1,238 page views as of today - from August 3rd, 2010, it's - My Favourite Things: FUNNY PICTURES!!!!

At 1,656 page views as of today - from March 16, 2012, it's - Australia's Biggest Loser Margie Cummins is nothing but a butch bitch built like a bloke!

At 1,657 page views as of today - from February 17, 2009, it's - Naomi Watts naked - who gives a shit, and why can't people pronounce her damn name properly?

At 1,667 page views as of today - from September 26, 2009, it's - The 20th Anniversary of Aussie boy band Indecent Obsession!!! Where are they now and when are they coming back!!!!
At 1,744 page views as of today - from January 20, 2012, it's - The Wiggles are back together because they shafted Sam Moran!
At 2,999 page views as of today - from November 29, 2010, it's - Cars:you either love them or you hate them!
At 3,052 page views as of today - from July 27, 2010, it's - My Favourite Things: HOT NAKED MEN!!!!!
At 3,552 page views as of today - from January 4, 2010, it's - Jennifer Hawkins and Bianca Dye. Who do you say is more ''real''?
At 10,572 page views as of today - from May 17, 2009, it's - CSI New York's Carmine Giovinazzo goes to the Neptune ball!
AND.......AT 12,542 PAGE VIEWS AS OF TODAY - FROM APRIL 11, 2012, IT'S - ONE DIRECTION: THE BIGGEST THING SINCE....well, the last biggest boy band!
And really, considering the post is about the hottest boy band since sliced bread right now, it's guaranteed that I'll be getting thousands more page views.

See, that's one way of getting people to your website/blog, write about the hottest thing since sliced bread in any given moment. You're bound to get people, like moths to a flame.

Jewels xxoo

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