Friday, April 13, 2012

Here's an update about my latest novel, THE ROAD TO VEGAS.

Last month I had it assessed and have been spending the last month going through and going through and going through it trying to make it better. It's hard work, so I only leave it for Sundays. I had expected to get a lot done easter Sunday but only got 10 chaps done, and have only done 2 chaps since. I tend to start daydreaming when I'm editing and so not a lot gets done.

I'm hoping to make it good enough to upload into a book at CreateSpace this month but I will also be needing a cover done. I'll be doing CS first, to have it as a book in my actual hands, and then be uploading to Smashwords after all the final edits are done.

I've given myself the final time of June 30, 2012 as to getting it finished and published, so that only leaves me the rest of this month to get it done, leaving May and June for the CS cover edits if any need doing.

Blimey! I'd better get a move on!

Jewels xxoo

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