Monday, March 26, 2012

Travel. Do you want to do it? Where would you go? Are you prepared for it with your luggage?

So I've been having a bit of a clear out of all my things and have been trying to put together a travel kit in case I ever go travelling, obviously.

I've got a suitcase but it's broken so clearly need a new one.
I have a black toiletry bag that most things can fit in. It's a hang on the door one with plenty of pockets so that's fine. I just need to make sure I cut down the size of all my bottles so everything can fit.
Then there's a black two sided bag that will fit limited jewellery as I don't want to take too much and lose it, bandanas, scarves, travel clock and bits and pieces.

Then there's a smaller two sided black bag that I turned into a detective kit a while ago but never took anywhere. I combined it with the contents of my make-up purse from my bag which really only held what I called my first aid kit. Safety pins, lip gloss, hanky, nailfiles etc. And will now try and carry it around in my bag, although it's quite heavy and I'm not sure how I'll manage it. Except to buy a new bag!
Then I need a small pencil style pouch for my magnifying glass, Swiss army knife, penlight etc, so I need to find that.

I also need a bag for my igoodies, Pad, Pod, Phone etc along with the cords and earphones.
So, does anyone else have a ready to go travel kit? Let me know what's in it. And let me know what or where you found your goodies as they might suit what I need as well.
Sometimes I wish I were a man, everything would be so much easier!

Jewels xxoo

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