Monday, March 5, 2012

So one minute I'm connected to Facebook and then BOOM I'm not!

I have a vauge idea of how this happened but I don't know how to fix it without deleting Twitter from my FB profile and all my tweets will be gone.

What happened was this.

I was upgrading my Youtube channel to the new look. And while learning about how it worked and moving my videos to playlists, Youtube decided to spam my Twitter and FB pages with all of my goings on at YT.

So I see what's happened and start deleting the YT posts from my Twitter and FB profile and the little box that pops up when you decide to delete the post had a little box that you could check off. It was something about "delete all app activity". I checked it. And that is where I think it all went wrong.

My Twitter to FB connection was working fine until then and then poof - all gone.

I have un-apped and re-apped, unconnected and reconnected Twitter to FB many times and I can get my author page connected but not my profile. Twitter says I'm connected, FB says the app is there but my tweets don't go there.

So now, I don't know what to do. When you want to delete a post there are options to "stop publishing activity from Twitter" and "remove twitter". I'm not sure what will happen if I pick either of the options to see if that is the issue. Will it delete ALL of my tweets from my profile?

I don't know how to fix, what to do, or what will happen. Blah! this is bugging me. Normally I'm so good at this shit but not this weekend.

So if anyone is an FB expert or has had this issue before, or knows where to send me for help, it would be much appreciated.

Jewels xxoo

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