Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, hello. Look what came home with me. It's an Apple iPad!

It's taken two years for me to get my hands on one of these babies, mainly because with the first we all waited to see how it was going to turn out, and then waited for the first to be on sale when the second came out. Unfortunately that didn't happen!
So now last week when the third came out here in Aus on the 16th of March, I walked into JBHIFI and found they had reduced the price by $148!!!!!!!
That's right! And because I paid in cash, I got an extra $17 bucks off! And since I couldn't wait to get it started, I downloaded some apps of websites you will find me at and I need for my writing, I have these little babies already going. There's some more I will need but I have to buy them so they're coming soon.
And of course I had to fill up my bookcase!
Oh, lookie here.....

And here.....

Don't they look pretty sitting there on my brand new Apple iPad!

Jewels xxoo

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