Friday, March 9, 2012

My Quest for a Blue Verbatim hard drive persists! Regardless of being out of stock at Big W!

I have been after this hard drive for over a year now since bying my flash drive in the same colour and brand, but somehow it has always been out of my reach.

Aren't they gorgeous, comes in pink, silver, red and black as well.
And I thought I had found them when I checked out the Big W website and there they were

Big W is our version of Wallmart.

Anyway, I kept checking the website but it always said out of stock. And then before Xmas they dropped the price but were still out of stock. And then about three weeks ago they dropped the price $25 off the original of $87, but STILL it said out of stock.

Well I finally got sick of it and lodged a complaint on the Big W facebook page. I was told to repost it on their FB feedback page to which I didn't receive a reply for three weeks until I lodged another complaint on their FB page again.

Finally I got an answer!

After the floods in Taiwan it ruined some of their distributors warehouses and so they are now few and far between, AND Big W changed the price from $87 to $116 CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!! claiming that the floods have raised the prices.


Well, I'm still without my hard drive and now I either have to find it online somewhere else and risk issues and being unable to return it, or I find another blue one to buy.

Does anyone know where I can get one?

Jewels xxoo

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