Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I hate my parents. Do you hate yours?

What sort of parents do you have?
Loving and supportive of everything you do? There for you when you fall and scrape your knee. There for you when you decide to leave school and travel the world. There for you through your first date, first car, first job, first relationship, first marriage, baby, sickness, health, accident, recovery, divorce, you get the idea.
Do your parents do that?

I'm so envious of people who have such wonderful parents.

The stories I read about young stars that become famous through hard work and their parents support. Driving them all over the place to their first auditions and gigs. Helping them in any way shape and form, sticking by them when they're sick and giving them chicken soup and chest rubs.

I'm so envious of people who have such wonderful parents.

For so many of us don't.

I never had that. Sure, in the very early days, there were some things as I grew. But after becoming a late teen…nothing. Never had the support, the driving around, the encouragement.

I had the discouragement, the hostility, the complaining, the whinging, the put downs, the arguments, the unsupportive negativity because one never became something for herself due to her life. Anger, hatred, shit dumping, blaming for all the issues in her life because she can't get her own shit together and realise she has dumped it all on me.

I still have it in my late 30s.

I hate parents that do that.
Because they had a crappy upbringing they want to foist it upon their children and make their lives miserable too because they never had anything worth living for and so their children won't either.

I hate parents.

I hate my life.

Jewels xxoo


  1. Did it never occur to you that they were doing the best they personally could considering their own parents? Did you consider for a moment that they, shock horror, had other things they needed to do? Did you even consider that for every ten thousand kids with stars in their eyes, only one will "make it" and it's best to be content with your lot, work hard in the factory and thank God you weren't born in Zimbabwe or Afghanistan?
    I know you'll delete my comment, but I hope some of what I've written might give you pause for thought.

  2. Why are you assuming I'll delete your comment? I delete only spammy shit and two certain words I do not allow on this site.

    I'd already thought about what you said, but as adults, we all have the right to choose how to treat people and many refuse.

    I've just read Bethenny Frankel's A Place of Yes. And her mother is mine all over. In denial that she did anything wrong. Just as her father was. And yes, I understand all that shit, but that shit gets old really quick.

    My parents never had anything else to do except yell at each other, so while I have written what I've written, I left no great detail about my parents.

    As for kids with stars in their eyes, I'm not one, never have been because my stars were taken from me and sucked out. So I have no idea why you wrote that,

    And as for being content with your lot in life. I'm definitely no longer believing that shit. Read Bethenny's book, it might open your eyes.

    I know I have it better than some, and some have it better than me, but I'm not living their life I'm living my own and that means my life will be as good as I can make it and I'm in the process of doing that.


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