Friday, March 2, 2012

CSI New York. Was there something missing between seasons 7 and 8?

So here in Australia we've been getting season 7, and while channel nine has changed it from one channel to another, and one time slot to another to another, we at least kept going in order. But the ep I watched last night didn't make much sense.

Season 8 ep 1, where they relive Sep 11. All of a sudden Mac is no longer at the lab but working somewhere else, Danny's a sergeant, but we knew he'd passed, it's four and a half months later, which seemed like a big jump.

As I was watching I just felt there were details missing. Like I'd missed an episode explaining what was going on. I've even jumped on line before writing this to make sure I had seen all episodes, and I have. I also see a season is 22 eps long now.

As I said, it felt like something was missing and things didn't flow all that smoothly as you had to keep up with all their flashbacks. And did we find out what actually happened to Claire? She got out but then disappeared while she was on the phone to Mac.

Well, at least we are finally catching up. We're now about 12 eps behind. Better than we've had although I hate the 10:30pm time slot and have to put up with Vegas and Miami first.

Jewels xxoo

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