Monday, March 12, 2012

Competitions! Do you enter to win and give up when you don't?

Have you ever entered a competition with the determination of winning that article you are entering for? Money, a holiday, an iPad and Ipod WHICH.I.DID.NOT.WIN, anything that you desperately want and need and would die for?

I can't stand people who never enter anything and then constantly complain about never winning anything.


You have to be in it to win it, the saying goes.

But do you?

How long do you keep entering a competition when you aren't winning anything? Is it worth it? Do you stay positive and determined even though time and time again you win nothing? Do you keep going? Do you stop? Or do you hope and pray that one day you will win SOMETHING at least?

I've been entering a competition for two years now, it happens about every two months for two weeks at a time. I make my call and leave my details, and pray that I win.

Do I continue doing it? Do I give up? The problem with giving up is you think that your win is just about to come and if you give up you won't get it.

So, do you enter competitions and have you won anything fantastic? Did you put in multiple entries or was it just the one?

Jewels xxoo

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  1. I have been entering competitions for about 7 years and have won a lot of movie tickets and cds and little things, last year I won a trip to the US it was the biggest prize I have ever one, and it's just a matter of not giving up, I only entered twice, but frin I have more luck at 25 words or less comps. I don't tend to enter competitions for prizes that will have no use. I don't win to sell, but I do enter if the prize will be of use to other members of my family or friends. I like to enter the comps its a challenge for me and yes it is dissappointing when you don't win but you can't win everything, can you?


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