Friday, March 16, 2012

Australia's Biggest Loser Margie Cummins is nothing but a butch bitch built like a bloke!

While I have never been a fan, nor watched a full series of Loser, I have been watching a fair bit of this season here in Aus. And one thing I have noticed is that the butch bitch, is not just a bitch because she's fat, but probably because she's a lesbian.

Angry lesbian is a term that has been around for years, because so many of them seem to be, especially toward men, and Margie proved this last night when she told Simon - "know your place,Simon".


I more than likey would have punched the bitch in head by now but unfortunately physical violence isn't allowed in the house.

Margie is one of those people that believe everything they say is right, it's a joke and it's not hurtful. They don't care if they hurt people's feelings, insult, demean, criticise, put down in their very sarcastic way. They think it's funny. They think EVERYTHING is funny and it doesn't matter if anyone is hurt because they found it funny.

Of course the scene was that Simon was sitting to her left and Graham to his left. They had a challenge to win immunity and all three played. Simon pulled out after two rounds and Graham and Margie kept going. After Margie won immunity, Graham had to keep eating and was having a hard time keeping down the eel sushi. Margie started thinking it ever so funny that he was sweating, almost throwing up, and going red, so she laughed and kept on laughing.

It wasn't funny, and neither was she.

Simon got jack of it and told her to shut up, that's when she told him to know his place. So of course a whispered argument ensued and Margie got shitty.

That's the problem with people like Margie, they only stop when you stand up to them and call them on their behaviour, and then they run off with their tale between their legs and claim innocence. And that's what she does in her little personal one on one interviews with the camera, pleads innocent and unknowing of what's going on, but it is clear to all of that she is one angry bitch.

They are two faced and angry, people who say and do one thing to your face and the complete opposite behind your back.

She's butch and built like a bloke and in an reality nothing but a rude, hypocritical, underhanded, sneaky, disrespectful, hate filled cow who thinks her own shit don't stink.

God help us if she wins!

Jewels xxoo


  1. Your disgusting and foul.... Take a jump in the river and drown...

    1. You are all horrible souls and nasty, picking on people for your personal gain, everyone one has a story, marg's is just more public. Good on ya marg! You have 250 000 more reason to smile than the ppl here. Not that u would read ya own hate page, Julie Taylor

    2. Margie is amazing...wish she was in Scotland and one of my friends...

  2. so true... margie is the worst

  3. I agree 100%, except with the lesbian part. I think she is one but it has nothing to do with her being such a c word. I only watch cause my sister loves the show but sometimes Margie makes it unbearable to stay in the room, I just want to reach through the tv and smash her round the head a couple times for being such a childish unreasonable bully. I'm surprised the contestants havent attacked her yet, I too would have by now. Seriously, the organizers should talk to her about showing more respect.

  4. Completely agree, I'm gay myself and have come across the angry lesbian often and just don't get it at all!!!
    She may work hard and is doing am incredible job losing weight but that's no excuse to be angry arrogant cow who constantly doesn't "know her place" and puts every one else down around her. Watching the show I have had several " I wanna punch her" moments, and find her, I'm being cute and funny face completely irritating as anyone can see right through it. I get she may have had a hard time in life and it's harbored strong self defense mechanisms but So have alott of people. seriously stop being such a hateful bitch and grow up

  5. Absolutely agree - I am disgusted that this bully gets airtime - it is because of her that I will not watch anymore of this show - it is because of bullies like her that push people to suicide !

  6. I agree to everyone above and she has openly come out and said she is gay. I know some gays can come across very angry and the only thing I can put that down to is self acceptence. If you aren't happy in your own life, you're going to try and make everyone else's miserable.

    And from the ads for this Sunday's ep, looks like she gets into it with the bald bearded guy, can't remember his name. About time someone said something to her, she's just a bitch!

  7. Bitch slap the mole

  8. I'll spit in that bitches face if I ever meet her. What a Filthy, bitchy dog. And she looks like a horse in a man costume.

    1. Yeah what a disgusting feral dyke

  9. She is one of those dykes that is a dyke not out of choice (no bloke would go near her). Thats why she hates blokes. She needs cock

  10. Well I would rather bite off my own cock than go anywhere that hagged thing.

  11. Pizza shop owner hey, thinking the cow better check the stock, appears the profits are on Biggest Loser!

  12. Looks like Margie is in the top 3 or 4. She may have the last laugh!

  13. Seems to me that Marcowdyke has learnt humility...fucken bullshit!
    Just another face to fool the public!....go Alex i say !

  14. I reckon Margie has too many male hormomes, she still wants a dick and will never have one LMFAO

  15. I am extremely disappointed with all the negative comments. I don't think you realise that you are watching a reality show that the TV producers pick what they want to show and what they want to leave on the cutting room floor, you may want to take a step back and learn to laugh, or just turn the TV off!

  16. Anon, DER SHIT!

    Of course we know it's reality tv!!!!!

    The negative comments are coming from people pissed off by her antics!

    So, if you don't like the comments, don't reply on my website!

  17. You people are all fucktards...Get a life and stop watching reality tv shows, looking for people to put down to make yourselves feel better. I found this forum by accident and am so shocked at the hateful attitudes you judgemental dumbfucks have for people you have never met. Like anon said, you only see what the producers want you to see and you idiots out there get on sites like this and preach like you even know the people you spit your pathetic venomous comments at. I pity your families if this is how you treat people on tv shows....and BTW, I don't even watch the biggest loser!

  18. To the fucktard above, this is not a forum, it's my website, so you clearly couldn't get that right.

    Secondly, you didn't have the guts to post under your name.

    And I am not fat so I have no issue with having to make myself feel better.

    I'm entitled to an opinion and when you put yourself on reality tv, people are going to be having opinions.

    Regardless of what the producers put on air, they are still acting like themselves, so my opinion of Margie still stands.

    I'm not preaching anything, merely stating what is so obviously the truth.

    And how I treat people on tv shows are what they deserve. Margie was a complete bitch to people and she was clearly like that BEFORE going on the show.

    I'm opinionated, get the fuck over it or don't bother posting your fucktard comments!

  19. This site is shit. I don't think you should pass judgement on anyone when you look the way you do...Diva. Please.

    Non of you could ever do what any of the contestants do. Miserable bitch you are... Go Margie.

  20. You stupid cock sucking shithead, you have no fucking idea about the way I look so I'll tell you, I look a damn sight better and thinner than the fat bitch on tv.

    And since this is my blog, fuck off and don't comment you troll. You have a choice, post or don't post, read or don't read, leave or stay. You chose to stay and leave a post so fuck off.

    And Margie is not the only person to have ever gone on a weight loss program, thousands of people have so she's not so special. And I don't need to coz I'm a damn sight thinner than she is!

    Fuck off you miserable bitch and suck your own shit!

  21. Serious question.... LJD... Are you a F grade Tranny?? Just wondering cause you are ugly as sin! They should have thrown you back when your ape mother gave birth to you... Ugly dog.

    This blog page is pathetic kinda like your jibes you coward.

  22. You think my blog is pathetic and yet here you are commenting you cock sucking piece of shit.

    And still you have no idea what I look like, but since you're posting in anonymous mode, clearly YOU'RE the f grade tranny who's as ugly as shit.

  23. Seems to me that some of margies tranny roots have crawled out from under their rocks, go back and lick a fat clit you dickless wonders!

  24. I have made a few posts as anon, but i rally dont give a flying fuck if margies clit licking dickless tranny fucks know who i am :D

  25. Sounds like a bunch of 13 yr old kids have got on here to show off how tough they are and how many swear words they know...does anyone know how to use their brains to communicate or form coherent speech? Haha

  26. Spineless. Brainless homophobes
    Get a life

  27. And yet still you all keep posting!

    Clearly you're all a bunch of cocksucking knobs who don't get the point!

  28. So what do you say now you bitch? - Margie the champ has won - good on you Margie and thankfully most of Australia (except for screwed up homophobes like you) cheered!! Go and crawl back into your shit-filled hole.

  29. What it means is you can be a complete bitch to the people around you and still win a competition.

    Also, you have no fucking idea about who Australia was cheering for. I sure as hell wasn't.

    I'm not a homophobe, I just think the way she treated people showed what a bitch she was. I don't give a fuck if she's gay. Clearly you are since you're accusing eveyone of being homophobes.

    And if you think I'm a bitch and this is a shit filled hole, then fuck off you mole and stop trolling my blog!

  30. I couldn't tell if she was a dude or an animal at the finale when she did that yell. I swear emo's with the black eye liner is one thing but she wearing it fuck my eyes almost bleed from being unbearable. Well judging the way this is going end she'll go back to the pizza shop and get fat. LJD your awesome i fully agree with you she is a fat bitch and she be ran over or get hit by something i can't stand how she picked on hamish or anyone else but she can't handle it when she lost her bum chum. As well is it just me but Michelle and her was too close for comfort.

  31. After I watched my show I flicked over and Alex had just gotten off, then it was Margie's turn. I knew right away they had been weighed before hand and channel ten set it up so the two who lost the most amount went last.

    When I saw her walk up I thought fuck, she really is built like a man.

    Clearly Margie is a butch lesbian not a feminine one. And that has nothing to do with being gay, it's just a clear fact when you look at the way some lesbians dress.

    She now reckons she'd dating a 29 year old nurse.

    What the fuck ever!

    What does it say when a mean and cruel bitch like that wins the competition.

    Fucking hell!

  32. Consider the comment you wrote:
    "... one of those people that believe everything they say is right, it's a joke and it's not hurtful. They don't care if they hurt people's feelings, insult, demean, criticise, put down in their very sarcastic way. They think it's funny. They think EVERYTHING is funny and it doesn't matter if anyone is hurt because they found it funny."

    I guess that really is a sentence that describes you, LDJ. Consider the fact that young people who are struggling with sexuality are far more likely to kill themselves, hurt themselves and experience violence. And you think your homophobic rants wont be seen by these young people? Crazy. Please be more responsible about how you use your words.

  33. Get your facts straight LexiKay I'm NOT a homophobe.

    My ACTUAL post was about Margie's attitude and the way she spoke to Simon.

    Struggling with your sexuality doesn't mean you have to be a rude cow to people and tell them to "know your place" because they get fed up with your shit attitude and tell you to shut up.

    That's personality, NOT sexuality. And Margie's attitude is shit!

    THAT is what this blog was about, the kind of attitude she was displaying to those around her.

    STOP laying that on sexuality, and to continually accuse me of being a homophobe when I was commenting on HER ATTITUDE, is just BULLSHIT on your part, and every other person who accuses me of it.

    What does it say about YOU to go around accusing people of being homophobes when THEY have opinions on something that really has nothing to do with sexuality. If I'd left out the fact she's a lesbian you STILL would have accused me, so it's YOU with the gay and homophobe issue NOT ME because I commented on HER ATTITUDE NOT her sexuality.

    As I have stated before, I don't give a shit if she's gay, you're gay, half the fucking world is gay, DON'T use it as an excuse to be a bitch!

  34. And by the way LexiKay, in the little passage you so carefully went out of your way to edit, I was referring to angry, hate filled people who think it's okay to treat everyone like shit because they don't like themselves. I WAS NOT REFERRING TO GAY PEOPLE, but you took it upon yourself, to believe in your own twisted way, that's what I meant!

    You don't have to be gay to be like that, I have five siblings who are angry, hate filled people and they are not gay.

    What shits me is when people edit a WHOLE blog post and take ONE LITTLE SECTION and read something so fucking ridiculously opposite of what it actually meant, it just goes to show you have no idea how to perceive what people are ACTUALLY thinking and meaning.

    It's all in the attitude, and yet people want to accuse bullshit when bullshit is not there.

  35. Oh, and as for being homophobic, yes i am...problem?...tuff titty!

  36. I would like to know where it is written law that it is illegal to be homophobic?,
    I consider that is just another word used to shame people into accepting things that are NOT natural:)

  37. Another thing, why is it lots of people do not want to be known...anon...would seem they are a tad worried that THEY could be breaking some law, like slander for example...and it is only slander if what is said is not truth :)

  38. Hahahaha, this comment thread is a joke. Quick! I have no way to express myself with any semblance of intellect, so I'd better use as many swear words as I can so everyone knows how bad-ass I am!

  39. But that's what you trolls do Nespresso, you come here, read the post, apparently hate it so much because you think it's a joke and instead of leaving the blog and going somewhere else YOU STAY AND COMMENT ANYWAY!

    It's you lot that's the joke!

  40. Hey! You're feral and a total cow! you are worse than a homophobe! Poor Margie! Imagine how YOU would feel if you read these comments about yourself eh? I have read many homophobic blogs about Margie (who was my 2nd favourite contestant) and also Lydia (whos not even gay and is my favourite contestant). I was one of the millions of people who sat there cheering because Margie won. Not because I disliked Alex, Kasey or Brenda, but because I was hoping that Margie could stand up to her "haters". She is a person too you know, and she deserves to live her life peacefully and be able to go onto the internet without being harrassed by lowlives such as yourself. And if you cannot handle this post, then you are weak. Unlike Margie, who hasn't let these comments get to her. I'll admit that I didn't approve Margie's wk 1 elimination stradegy, but I wasn't there, I didn't live there. You have no idea what had happened before filming between Margie and Simon there could've been a situation like a major argument (which when you live alone with a lot of people is a very easy thing to happen!). Also, if you didn't at least have tears in your eyes when Margie spoke about her body and you weren't moved by her then you should be classified as an immovable object. As a person who's often misassumed as butch or an "angry lesbian" I can tell you from experiance that those comments can cut deep. I think of Margie as incredibly brave because she has said that her "haters" (such as yourself) simply make her work harder to show them that she isn't going to let comments like these get to her.
    I'm sure that you're just jealous that 1) Margie would probably be hotter than you (even when she was fat)
    2) you cannot stand the idea that somebody (example Margie) would be brave enough to make a change like this while you narrow minded people are still too cowardly to change your totally wrong homophobic "beliefs".
    I personally congratulate Margie for her achievement because she worked hard and needs to be congratulated on her achievement. I have been judged by others my entire life, for being (only borderline!) overweight, what people think is my sexuality. Margie is a true inspiration to so many people across this country and is a strong woman (which I totally admire!) I would like to see you do what Margie's done and then I will allow you to make your own judgements on her and perhaps her portrayal. Think about it, dude, it would be a hard thing to go onto TV, she's coreageous (as are every one of the rest of the contestants too!)and anyone who chooses to challenge this should go onto TV themselves and see how THEY are portrayed.
    Cheers, Kase.

  41. First and foremost, I'm not a dude, secondly, you clearly didn't read my post.

    I have an issue with the way she was treating people, and you just made up excuses. Excuses about how she may have had an argument with Simon, excuses how it's a tv show they edit things out, excuses, excuses, excuses, and you have the gall to call me feral and a total cow.

    This post had nothing to do with her being gay, bitch, so don't fucking insult me by calling me a homophobe on my own blog, BITCH!

  42. Well your no lady either! Hang on a moment here. Read your own blog Diva and tell me that the words "butch" and "angry lesbian" are not used in your blog 'fucking bitch' your really a lady, aren't you? Think about it, every reality show is edited, no matter what you think, BL included, a family friend of mine went on there several years ago, and you probably bitched about him! and what he was portayed as is nothing like who he really is. it would be the same for Margie. and plus you've said 'bitch to me or love me heaps ITS UR CHOICE!' Well I choose to bitch to you, you dog. and I can call you 'dude'if I want to. Simon is a 41 year old man,if he can't stand up for himself then Sydney, we have a problem. do you mean gall or 'ball' because when you say 'gall' I think you're referring to a gall bladder, which confuses me, but reading this, I figured you probably don't know your gall bladders from your footballs. I am confident and I stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. And if you think that it's fine for you to speak on behalf of Simon, who is 41 years old, an adult and perfectly able to stand up for himself, then you've confused me there. Tell me honestly, have you ever not gotten along with somebody? Not seen eye to eye? Not everyone's going to be BFFL's, that is not how the world works. As great as it would be to have a world free of war and you know what? I wish for global peace, but I ain't seeing it happening anytime soon bitch! Cuts run deep in a person and its not fair for you to be cutting into Margie like this. You didn't answer my question from b4, do you know Margie personaly? if not, then how can you judge her?
    Cheers, Kase.

    1. i know the fat bitch...and trust me she earned those haters fair and square. she is an asshole and a really nasty bully through and through! she uses people and then spits them out, then stalks and harasses them! she bullies people but when she is caught out, she acts all innocent and sorry...its all bullshit. nothing more than a fat pathological liar! LJD i know its an old post but you hit the nail on the head!

  43. Wow, you really have serious issues don't you?

    I called Margie a butch bitch because she is butch, clearly not feminine, and she is a bitch. True fact.

    As for angry lesbian, I never called her that, I was referencing it in a sentence.

    Again with the excuses about reality tv, get over it already.

    As for your family member, since you didn't give a name I would have no idea who you're talking about as I also stated I have never watched a lot of BL until this year.

    Yes, my label is "bitch to me or love me heaps". The point of that is about the subject. It DOES NOT give anyone free right to shit all over me, BITCH!

    Calling me a dog, says more about you than me and if you have no idea what gall is, then you need to read a dictionary.

    Yes, Simon is an adult, unlike you, and he can defend himself, but if you had read the other posts here, I wasn't the only one pissed of by her idiotic behaviour.

    Rose coloured glasses maybe?

    Sure I don't get along with people, which is why I have nothing to do with them. But there is a big difference between not getting along and just being a rude arrogant cow. At least some of the others apologised even thought I didn't think they should have. NO ONE should have apologised to Margie because SHE was the bitch!

    I don't need to know someone personally to judge their bad behaviour. She's got it and since you seem to know her so well, then you clearly are of the same league.

    Angry lesbian anyone?

    I'm done with this bitch, move on already.

  44. Thanx for that bitch! I just looked up 'gall' in an online dictionary and great, like I care if you think that I'm a bitter soul.
    I'm dyslexic, so reading a dictionary is generally not high on my priority list, I check these posts and any others I dish out elsewhere for spelling about 20 times b4 I hit 'send'. However I know that a bitch is a dog, so I'm perfectly right to call you under that! (a dog, though I love them).
    I did not 'shit all over you', if I did, then you would be whimpering and cowering under your bed calling out for your daddy to switch on your nightlight and check your wardrobe. I can be really vicious, you haven't met my inner bitch *evil Mr Burns from Simpsons laugh*
    For your information, I am an adult, I am nearly 26. I am an adult. I can drive (I've learnt to drive nearly 20 years ago), I can drink legally, I can vote. I am an adult under Australian law.
    FYI I haven't personally met Margie. I don't even live in Queenssland. THe contestantant I was referring to was Gerard from about five or six years back. He's a good friend of my aunty's.
    I do not understand what you mean by rose coloured glasses, it sounds like something from the sixties. Are you a hippy by any chance?
    Sure, you don't get along with any people. While I'm out partying tonight, you'll probably be sitting on your lounge, rewatching BL and critising everything Margie does/says.
    So didn't yoour heart tear when you heard Margie's story about her brother? How he was murdered? Are you an immoveable object more than Uluru?
    I have said before, I am not an angry lesbian. You however, weeelllll, we'll see.
    Calling somebody else an arrogant cow just shows that you really are one.
    This is stupid that Margie tried to HELP AND SAVE Selena but she refused her help. Yes Selena is deaf and there is a lot of stigma, (i also have hearing loss, it is hard) but again, here we go, let's not dip too far into the whole 'Selena' situation.
    Well then, I'm off to party, have fun nitpicking at margie diva.
    Cheers, Kase.

  45. Seriously bitch, I'm old enough to be your mother so you ain't seen nothing.

    Get the fuck over yourself.

    And good on you for learning to drive at the age of six. Have you actually passed your exam for a licence?

    And you so clearly understand so little that you don't even know sarcasm that was not actually directed at you.

    I also never actually said you did shit all over me so that just adds to you not understanding.

    I don't care about Margie's sob story, that doesn't give her an excuse for being a bitch to other people, and it wasn't just Simon she was a bitch too.

    So what I understand from this last rant of your is, you are uneducated, a drunk, an idiot and a Gen Y who parties way too much that it has clearly fogged what little brain you have left with bullshit and garbage. It all says so much doesn't it.

    And don't even think of using your dyslexia as an excuse because plenty of people have it and get past it.

    As for calling someone a rude arrogant cow, who did that?

    You know Kasey, all you keep proving is exactly what I stated above, because that's what YOUR language shows.

    This is my blog, it doesn't matter what I write, but what all the posters after write, really shows everyone what sort of moron they are.

    Uneducated much!

  46. Julie, you clearly didn't watch the show, she got $220,000 because James walked away with $30,000.

    And this isn't a hate page it's my blog so fuck off!

  47. Kasey, don't bother replying anymore, I won't be publishing your replies. I'm done with you.

  48. Sad Sad SAD lonely little buggers aren't you. Can't believe shit sites like this are even allowed.

    Go get a life, a cat, or a friend.

  49. well anon you nearly got deleted due to being gutless enough to not leave a name. This post is over a year old and we've all moved on, why haven't you? It's you that's sad, living in the past!

    And if you don't like my site, fuck off. My site is none of your business!

  50. well i agree with you Lady Jewels that margie is a complete and utter loser


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