Monday, March 19, 2012

The 2012 Gold Logie nominees are announced. Who the fuck picked Hamish Blake and Esther Anderson?

The Gold Logie nominees have been announced and while four are understandable, two are not.

From left to right, Hamish Blake from Hamish and Andy, Karl Stefanovic from the Today show, and Adam Hills from In Gordon Street Tonight.

From left to right, Esther Anderson from soapie Home and Away, Carrie Bickmore from The Project and actress Asher Keddie

Now while I understand Karl, who won gold last year after a campaign by the nine network, Adam has been nominated several times, Asher's been winning awards all over the place and Carrie has won best new talent, I have no idea how Esther and Hamish got nominated.

Hamish and Andy, the top rating radio duo, got themselves their own series on channel 9 last year. As far as I'm concerned it didn't rate well enough but it somehow got Hamish nominated.

And as for Esther, she left Home and Away last year and was never that good an actress, but clearly enough people thought she was to vote for her. Personally, she was pathetic, anorexic and rather talentless with only one facial expression and nothing else to give her any qualifications for acting.

So I'm going for Karl or Carrie this year, but somehow I have a feeling Asher may get it.

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  1. Who the fuck picked Asher Keddie. There's no way one of the Packed To The Rafters nominees weren't selected. This is rigged. So disappointed.


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