Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why is it when we're sick and someone asks us how we are, we always say "good thanks!"?

On Monday I woke up with a bad throat. That burning sore feeling that panadeine forte won't completely get rid of and only cold things will help numb.

On Tuesday I went out and got the paper and TV Week (same as TV Guide) and the cashier said, "hi, how are you?", and in my very croaky voice said, "good thanks".

I had a laugh with myself later and wondered why people say it. When they're as sick as a dog but say "good thanks" anyway. I think it's beacuse of a habit. You're well for most of the time so you say "good thanks" and even when you're sick you say it because it's a habit.

Sometimes when I've been sick I've caught myself saying "good thanks" and turned around and corrected myself making a joke out of it. "Actually, no, I'm as a sick as a dog and don't feel good."

When it comes down to it we say "good thanks" regardless of how we actually are, because really, why would anyone want to listen to some diatribe from a person about how sick they are. So we don't bother saying anything.

Do you like hearing peoples sob stories about how sick they are?

Jewels xxoo

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